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Signum 3.72.2 Release Notes


RT-7344 | Added a configurable option for each domain to set an allowed number of concurrent agent sessions

SD-24 | Show CSR related events in the Event logs in the certificate events filter.

Windows Agent

SD-114 | Add logout option to the setup tool. Agent now supports credential entry from STDIN.

The Windows Agent now supports the KSP and CSP removing the need to set the agent to only use the KSP.

Linux Agent

SD-106 | Add logout option to the setup tool (this agent already supports STDIN entry).

Bug Fixes

SD-21 | When configuring the Role permissions, changed the name from Advanced Signature to Certificates. Corrected the permission list for the tool-tip icon.

RSB-143 | Fixed a KSP issue that could cause excel to crash when signing macros.

RSB-9 | Update to password changes.

RSB-134 | Fixed issues with Windows Agent character parsing. There is still a known issue with [ “ ] being used for entry not done using STDIN.

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