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Signum 3.71.1 Release Notes


SD-2 | SSO Login button for configured domains (SAML and Oauth)

Bug Fixes

SD-30 | Default notification templates are in english

Windows Agent

No Updates

Linux Agent

RT-7368 | Added a new config option for logging either to file or stdout. The parameter can be set by modifying /etc/keyfactor/config with logtype=[STDOUT|FILE]. Default behavior file.

Known Issues

RSB-88 | Oauth auto-provisioning issue where oauth users are not being properly added to oauth domains. Fix identified and planned for the next release.

RSB-121 | Users using the SSO domain URL to redirect (i.e. can see a temporary error popup in the admin console UI for a few seconds. This is a purely visual bug the redirection still succeeds. This error can either be ignored or to avoid seeing the error the new SSO Login button feature could be used. Fix identified and planned for the next release.

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