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The Agents tab of the System section of the Admin Web Console provides the Signum Administrator access to view Signum Agents that have connected.





Machine Name





Last User & Use

The unique Alias of the Agent

Can be enabled to reduce traffic to the server from applications that are not associated with policies to reduce the number of events that are logged.

To have this configure by default for every newly installed agent contact Keyfactor.

Can be enabled to configure the Agent to send a report which includes information (Certificates / thumbprints) of all certificates installed on the machine in the certificate store.

To have this configure by default for every newly installed agent contact Keyfactor.

The name of the PC/Machine.

The IP Address from the machine where the Agent is installed.

The current version of the Agent.

User vs Server

This value is not reported for Signum.

The last user and the time and date of when they last used a certificate.

Selecting an individual agent will bring up additional information about that Agent.

Machine Information


General Information

Selecting “View recent events” will go to the event log with a pre-defined filter showing just the certificate usage events for this specific agent. Note, that currently the cryptographic session time is reported in UTC.



If Reports are enabled certificates installed on the client machince will be listed here.


Keyfactor Users

The users that have authenticated to this Agent in the past.


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