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The Dashboard section of the Admin Web Console provides users an overview of recent activity on the platform in four configurable panels including;

  • Expired certificates

  • Upcoming certificate expirations

  • Recent events

  • Recent sessions

To view Events and Sessions a user needs to be the Signum Administrator or have a role with “Event View” permissions, for more information see Creating a Role. Selecting See All on the Next Certificates to Expire section will bring up the Certificates section view. Selecting See All on either the Last Events or Last Sessions will bring up the Events section view with filters for usage or session events.


Selecting the action button on the upper right hand side on any of the dashboard panels will allow the user to configure the dashboard with larger or smaller panels or optionally hide a section entirely. These configurations are specific to the user with each user able to configure their own custom views of the dashboard. In the example below, the dashboard has been configured to only show recent events.


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