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Keyfactor Signum is a SaaS solution that provides authenticated users and machines access to Signing Keys backed by a Hardware Security Module (HSM) based on easily defined and auditable access policies. Organizations today face a number of challenges related to code signing, including:

  • It can be difficult to keep track of code signing keys throughout the organization. Often these keys have been stored on USB tokens or developer workstations making them difficult to manage and securely share for legitimate use. Without systems in place for access control, these keys could also be easier for adversaries to steal if they are not stored on HSMs.

  • With signing keys spread around the organization, it can be difficult to know who has access to which signing keys, and what those keys are being used for.

  • Without a central system for signing key usage there is no single record of reference to log and audit signing activities.

Signum has been designed to solve these challenges for the enterprise by providing:

  • Centralized and Secured Signing Keys in a FIPs validated HSM.

  • Granular control over which members of an organization can access Signing Keys by defining easy to configure policies.

  • Event logs that can be used to audit certificate usage and access.

  • Seamless integrations with native signing tools using KSP and PKCS11.

This documentation has been designed to provide end users and prospective customers with an overview of Signum and explanations on how to configure the Signum Admin Web Console and Agents. If you have questions or would like to learn more about Signum or Keyfactor’s other products and services please Contact Us.

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