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The Policies section of the Web Admin Console is where users can define specific rules and restrictions about how a given certificate or group of certificates can be used. While Roles in Signum control access and permissions for the Admin Web Console, Policies are what control the actual usage of the certificate. In addition to configuring policies, this section is also where Applications and specific regular expressions can be set which define what applications either are or are not allowed to be used. Like some of the other sections of Signum a wizard will guide users through the creation of new policies and is as simple as defining, what (which certificates), who (which users), where (what applications) , and when (what times).

Quick Tip With no policy assigned to a certificate with properties defined for its use, no user will be able to use that certificate. This means that at least one policy needs to be defined for users to be able to use a certificate. The only exception to this is if the user is the “Owner” of the certificate, for more information see Certificate Operations.

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