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Signum 3.72.2 Release Notes


RT-7344 | Added a configurable option for each domain to set an allowed number of concurrent agent sessions

SD-24 | Show CSR related events in the Event logs in the certificate events filter.

Windows Agent

SD-114 | Add logout option to the setup tool. Agent now supports credential entry from STDIN.

Linux Agent

SD-106 | Add logout option to the setup tool (this agent already supports STDIN entry).

Bug Fixes

SD-21 | When configuring the Role permissions, changed the name from Advanced Signature to Certificates. Corrected the permission list for the tool-tip icon.

RSB-143 | Fixed a KSP issue that could cause excel to crash when signing macros.

RSB-9 | Update to password changes.

RSB-134 | Fixed issues with Windows Agent character parsing. There is still a known issue with [ “ ] being used for entry not done using STDIN.

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