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Signum 3.80.2 Release Notes


SD-161 | Added support for sending events to Splunk with an HTTP Event Collector.

SD-197 | The Admin API now returns the date information if password expiration has been set for a Local Users Domain in the ListDomainUsers & GetUserData calls.

SD-4 | Added support for the NotBeforeNotAfter field in the AuthNstatement of a SAML Assertion.

SD-200 | Added Signum documentation link in the admin web console.

SD-26 | Changed the default number of items displayed in tables to make it easier to see all items.

SD-226 | Updated P11 interface to support better retry logic

SD-210 | First changes in a series of UI updates to the Admin Web Console

Windows Agent

RSB-213 | Fixed an exception when stopping the service in Windows.

RSB-219 | Fixed the Windows Event login message showing incorrectly showing success messages.

SD-222 | Fix to properly close the agent session when the service is stopped. Behavior now matches the Linux Agent.

RSB-183 | Fixed an exception in the Windows Events based on how the agent was reading values from the registry.

Linux Agent

SD-231 | Updated Linux Agent version with the build information

RSB-226 | Improve security for stored secrets in the Linux Agent

Bug Fixes

RSB-203 | Multiple grammar and typo fixes

RSB-233 | Some UI buttons in the domains area are not visible at 1020\*1080 resolution

RSB-234 | System Logs tooltips can be cutoff

RSB-168 | Updated Signum Admin Web UI footer information

RSB-188 | Unblocking localusers from the admin console does not refresh the view properly

RSB-62 | Changed the applications behavior so that a user with a Role that does not include any permissions cannot be created

RSB-152 | Fixed export SAML domain metadata not working

Known Issues

RSB-244 | Cosign error signing using pkcs11 in linux (Specific previous agent version 3.73.3 , 3.73.2 also have this issue) There will be an upcoming patch release to address this for the Linux Agent.

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