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Signum 4.10.0 Release Notes


SD-204 | Updated Signum Admin Web User Interface with new design

SD-178 | Proxy support in the linux agent

SD-252 | Released a containerized version of the Linux Agent

Bug Fixes

SD-220 | Fixed minor typos

RSB-240 | Fixed an issue with multiuser environments is not working properly with the Linux Agent

RSB-244 | Fixed an issue with the Linux Agent producing an empty signature error with cosign

RSB-253 | Fixed a user being unable to load the certificates list when trying to order the list by the column of "Valid from" date.

RSB-256 | Fixed Linux agent logout command not properly closing the existing session

RSB-263 | Fixed Server not being accesible after a failed update

RSB-268 | In keyfactor-setup, fixed parsing logic when using keywords as part of a configuration

Windows Agent

CVE (CVE-2024-37964) rated a medium severity level for the Windows Agent was patched in 4.10. The CVE will be published six weeks after Signum 4.10.0 release.

Linux & Container Agent

Migrated Linux Agent to dotnetcore 8.0 (will require updating client machines with new dotnet 8.0 runtime).

SD-262 | Released a Standalone Linux Agent option that includes runtime dependencies

SD-178 | Added connection status feedback to the ‘keyfactor-setup’ command

SD-178 | Added a 'keyfactor-setup test' command to test proxy connections

Known Issues

RSB-293 | Starting with 3.80.2, there can be server timeout issues after enabling the Splunk Collector this will be fixed in a future patch release.

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