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Registering a first-time user in the Keyfactor Portal

Registering in the Keyfactor Portal

  1. Specify the organization details on the Keyfactor Portal Registration page.

    Note: If your organization has more than one deployment, use the same organization name to make the different deployments all roll up to the same account. The specified names must match exactly. For example, "Acme, Inc." will not match "Acme Inc".


  2. Once ypu have read through the Terms, click the check box next to I have read and accept the terms of use, and then click Register.
    A confirmation email will be sent to the account specified in the Email Address field and must be confirmed to continue. The email will come from <>. You can add that email address to your address book to prevent the message from being accidentally categorized into the junk folder.

  3. A confirmation page displays, confirming a successful registration.

  4. In the confirmation email that you receive, click Confirm Email to confirm registration.


  5. If successful, the Portal will show that your email address was successfully confirmed. Sign back into the Keyfactor Portal to set your password and finish the registration process. Enter a password, and then click Reset Password.


    The new password should meet the following password requirements.

  6. After resetting your password, click Back to Keyfactor SaaS Portal.

Logging in for the first time

  1. After registering, enter your email address in the Email field, and then click Next.


  2. On the next screen, your email address will be populated for you. Enter the password that you set in the “Registering in the Keyfactor Portal” procedure, and then click Continue.


  3. The Keyfactor SaaS Portal leverages MFA as standard for all users. Use an MFA app (such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Last Pass Authenticator) to enroll the MFA token.
    Click the + icon in your MFA app to add a token, and then choose the camera option to scan a QR code.
    Once the codes are generated, enter the six-digit code in the Enter your one-time code field, and then click Continue.


  4. You will be brought to the deployment selection screen, which shows a tile with the name of the deployment you selected in the registration screen. Click the Configure button to begin configuring your deployment options.


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