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Advanced Configuration

This lists some advanced configuration options, including setting up OAuth with Ingress, increasing file upload sizes, and configuring support for multiple replicas.

Configure OAuth with Ingress

For information on setting up OAuth configuration with Ingress, refer to the Ingress NGINX Controller documentation on External OAUTH Authentication. To learn more about managing OAuth providers in EJBCA, see OAuth Provider Management.

Increase file upload size

To allow larger file uploads through Ingress, add the following annotation to your Ingress resource:

  annotations: 5m

Support multiple replicas

For CA instances, you can configure Ingress to support multiple replicas by setting up sticky sessions. This ensures that user sessions are consistently routed to the same replica.

Add the following annotations to your Ingress resource:

    ## Configure sticky sessions if using more than one replica "cookie" "ejbcaCOOKIE" "172800"

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