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EJBCA Container Set

The EJBCA container set offers components and resources designed to facilitate the deployment and management of EJBCA in various environments. It includes distinct containers for different functionalities, Helm charts for easy orchestration, and integration with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). The following lists key components and resources.

EJBCA Container Set Components

EJBCA containers

  • EJBCA Enterprise Edition:

    • ejbca-ee - full EJBCA Enterprise functionality.

    • ejbca-ee-ra - Registration Authority (RA).

    • ejbca-ee-va - Validation Authority (VA).

  • Community Edition:

    • ejbca-ce - EJBCA Community

Helm Charts

  • ejbca - EJBCA Enterprise Edition

  • ejbca-ce - EJBCA Community Edition

HSM sidecar containers

  • hsm-driver-utimaco - Utimaco CryptoServer

  • hsm-driver-luna7 - Thales Luna Network HSM 7

  • hsm-driver-softhsm - SoftHSM (for non-production use)

Container registries

EJBCA Enterprise containers are available on the Keyfactor Container Registry.

docker pull

EJBCA Community containers are available on Docker Hub.

docker pull keyfactor/ejbca-ce

Helm Chart registries

EJBCA Helm charts are hosted in the Keyfactor Registry.


helm pull oci:// --version <VERSION>


helm pull oci:// --version <VERSION>

Variant containers

By default, EJBCA Helm charts will deploy containers that run the full EJBCA functionality. If you wish to use the Enterprise VA and RA container offerings, you can do so by using the image.variant Helm Deployment Parameter with either a ra or va value.

If you use a private container registry with images imported under names that do not match ejbca-ee, ejbca-ee-ra, and ejbca-ee-va, use the image.repository parameter with the appropriate image name in your registry.

Optionally deployed resources





Ingress NGINX

tested with 1.9.X

Prerequisite: Controller resource is installed separately Ingress Installation Guide

Apache License 2.0

nginx:alpine docker image


Apache License 2.0

Software Bill of Materials

For a list of components and libraries used in the EJBCA containers, see the attached Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) files:




The SBOM is generated in Cyclone DX format, a lightweight Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) standard, designed for use in application security contexts.

The EJBCA Enterprise container SBOMs are version-specific and updated when a new release is made available.

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