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7 - Activate the Cluster

To activate the cluster, do the following:

  1. SSH into the EJBCA instance if not already done so.

  2. Use the following command to start the AWS CloudHSM cloudhsm_mgmt_util command line tool:
    # sudo /opt/cloudhsm/bin/cloudhsm_mgmt_util /opt/cloudhsm/etc/cloudhsm_mgmt_util.cfg
    If you get a connection timed out, the security group has not been added to the instance.  If you get "E2E failed: unable to establish ssl connection" this is because there is no customerCA.crt (or its an incorrect file) in /opt/cloudhsm/etc.

  3. Use the enable_e2e command to enable end-to-end encryption:
    aws-cloudhsm> enable_e2e
    E2E enabled on server 0(server1)

  4. Use the loginHSM command to log in to the HSM as the precrypto officer (PRECO) user:
    aws-cloudhsm> loginHSM PRECO admin password
    loginHSM success on server 0(server1)
  5. Use the changePswd command to change the precrypto officer (PRECO) user's password:
    aws-cloudhsm> changePswd PRECO admin <NewPassword>
    This is a CRITICAL operation, should be done on all nodes in the
    cluster. Cav server does NOT synchronize these changes with the
    nodes on which this operation is not executed or failed, please
    ensure this operation is executed on all nodes in the cluster.
    Do you want to continue(y/n)?y
    Changing password for admin(PRECO) on 1 nodes
  6. Logout as user PRECO:
    aws-cloudhsm> logoutHSM
    logoutHSM success on server 0
  7. Use the following syntax to login to the HSM going forward:
    loginHSM <user type> <user name> <password>

    For example:

    aws-cloudhsm> loginHSM CO admin <password>


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