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EJBCA Cloud 2.9.1 Release Notes


PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Cloud 2.9.1.

EJBCA Enterprise Upgrade

EJBCA Cloud updates EJBCA Enterprise to version, see EJBCA 7.8 Release Notes.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.


EC-203 - Upgrade EJBCA to

EC-204 - Upgrade WildFly to WildFly 24.0.1

EC-205 - Upgrade Java to JDK11

EC-207 - Change database permissions to be 10.4 RDS compliant

EC-208 - Upgrade JDBC Provider to latest current

EC-209 - Load balancers are redirecting HTTP to HTTPS due to Apache config

EC-210 - Refactor Apache Config to best practices

Bug Fixes

EC-200 - Bug in configuration wizard scripts in Azure when using external management CA

EC-201 - Change the SSL Server certificate profile to 1 year

Upgrade Information

For information on how to upgrade an EJBCA Cloud hourly instance node from one version of EJBCA to another, see the AWS Restore and Upgrade Guide and Azure Restore and Upgrade Guide, respectively.

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