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EJBCA SaaS 1.0.2 Release Notes

PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA SaaS 1.0.2.

With this release, we have improved the user interface and experience of the PrimeKey SaaS portal. We also invite you to provide product feedback to let us know how we can improve EJBCA SaaS. 


Providing Product Feedback 

You can now submit product feedback from within the PrimeKey SaaS portal by clicking the feedback icon in the footer of a portal page. 

Whether it is something not behaving as expected or a feature request - please let us know how we can improve EJBCA SaaS.

For more information, see Navigating PrimeKey SaaS Portal - Providing Feedback.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.

SU-134 - Copyright and Trademark improvements for consistency throughout the portal

SU-115 - Session Check improvements in the portal for more accurate session checks and extensions

SU-121 - Password strength meter on Forgot Password page

SU-128 - EJBCA SaaS product feedback additions. Users can now submit product feedback from within the SaaS portal

SU-116 - EJBCA Access Tab appearance improvements

SU-97 - Added cancel button to the More Info page so users can cancel and logout to come back later to the configuration

SU-120 - Back end logging enhancements to get more visibility into portal actions for auditing purposes

SU-118 - Refactored Support Page to make it more user friendly

SU-110 - Added feedback icon to the footer of all SaaS pages

SU-96 - Links Page improvements to make it more user friendly

SU-101 - Root CA snack bar UI fix where if a user would navigate away from the Root CA page after submitting a request to start the Root CA, it would show a status update when it should not

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