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EJBCA SaaS 1.2.0 Release Notes


PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA SaaS 1.2.0.

With this release, we have improved the visibility of EJBCA by enabling syslog streaming to external servers. The release also includes many UI enhancements.


Syslog Streaming

External logging can be configured to send all EJBCA Root CA and Issuing CA logs to remote hosts. Currently, Syslog targets are supported via TCP or TLS, and authenticated or unauthenticated options may be used. For more information and specific certificate requirements, see Enable Syslog Log Streaming.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.

New Features

  • SU-82 - Customer definable external logging
  • SU-164 - Add the ability for users to configure a syslog target in the SaaS portal
  • SU-221 - External Logging UI Additions
  • SU-242 - Add deployment name to SaaS Portal
  • SU-282 - Enable EJBCA to be able to send emails


  • SU-122 - Change getDomain and getRegion to Redux
  • SU-140 - Direct to
  • SU-145 - RootCA Failure Message
  • SU-180 - Refactor AWS Session Dialog
  • SU-182 - Email layout
  • SU-204 - Delay in RootCA reachability
  • SU-215 - Consecutive Snackbar Transitions
  • SU-245 - EJBCA EE
  • SU-252 - Snackbars overlapping
  • SU-254 - Move AWS SDK Client Config to separate utility file
  • SU-260 - Update Rsyslog config templates to separate log streams per container
  • SU-261 - Entitlement Check for Syslog Actions
  • SU-262 - Domain name not showing for new deployments/ add backdrop to logging page
  • SU-263 - Clear redux when user logs out
  • SU-265 - Syslog - Remove LoggerName
  • SU-267 - Deploy Release 1.2 (Syslog) to Production

Bug Fixes

  • SU-208 - cidrState Parsing Error on SourceIP
  • SU-209 - HOTFIX-Feedback Category no longer context aware
  • SU-211 - Issue with short queries in dev-omnipodcloud
  • SU-224 - Superadmin password special characters
  • SU-225 - CAName spaces
  • SU-149 - Fix remote case where a Root CA may not start


  • SU-255 - migrate zxcvbn to the new version
  • SU-256 - getEJBCAURL function
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