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EJBCA SaaS 2.1 Release Notes

MARCH 2022

PrimeKey is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA SaaS 2.1.0.

This release introduces the ability to manage additional users in the EJBCA SaaS Portal.


User Management

Adds the ability to manage additional user access to the EJBCA SaaS Portal. Previously, there was only a single login per deployment. For more information, see Manage Users.

User Permissions

Users can have access to different permissions including managing IPs in the deployment, Root CA startup, and other features on a grant, view, and change permission. For more information, see Manage Users.

Account Confirmation

Users added to the portal are sent a link to the registered email to notify them and have them confirm their new account.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.

New Features

  • SU-337 - Multi-user support
  • SU-416 - 2FA QR Code - Add Manual Token Entry Link
  • SU-419 - Allow Users to edit their own info
  • SU-435 - Add a badge to display if email is confirmed in the users table
  • SU-449 - Clear Stale Token Error from Session


  • SU-146 - Add actual <region>.<prod> to Domain Input field on MoreInfo page
  • SU-315 - Disable Deploy my PKI Button on MoreInfo
  • SU-391 - Add HSM Keepalive Service to CloudHSM Deployments
  • SU-426 - User details page add skeleton
  • SU-429 - Create a const routes file
  • SU-431 - Move Password Reset Text to Redux
  • SU-438 - Update helper text on MoreInfo page
  • SU-443 - Add spacing between all accordions
  • SU-447 - Fixing layout of pages outside portal view

Bug Fixes

  • SU-375 - Resolving HSM deployment issues
  • SU-406 - RootCA HSM Activation Update
  • SU-407 - Customer Activation / Deactivation
  • SU-408 - CloudHSM Cleanup
  • SU-434 - Snackbar clears text but remains open if you try and logout
  • SU-446 - Backend error when editing a user removes you from edit mode

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