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EJBCA SaaS 2.2.0 Release Notes

APRIL 2022

This hotfix release fixes a session error and begins converting the interface to typescript.

Fixes and Improvements

The following lists fixes and updates included in the release.

New Features

  • SU-478 - Display TOTP 2FA Enabled status on User Details
  • SU-517 - Mobile: SourceIp page/form mobile friendly
  • SU-381 - Visual notification when Cert Issuance is over limit
  • SU-508 - Split up user types and fix TS error on editing user


  • SU-95 - Total certificate font size for federated options
  • SU-397 - mobile: adjust footer layout
  • SU-467 - Convert SourceIp components to TS
  • SU-479 - Update client repo to call new submitOptions endpoint
  • SU-487 - Convert Registration component to TS
  • SU-507 - Update app FAQ to include link to privacy policy


  • SU-493 - Wrong error dialog displaying for session timeout on Registration
  • SU-504 - TS error on privileges when editing a User
  • SU-510 - Add IP color not changing in light mode
  • SU-512 - Refocusing on UserDetail page in Edit mode repopulates fields
  • SU-513 - TS error on MoreInfo region
  • SU-534 - Cert limit alert in light mode fades to wrong color
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