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EJBCA SaaS 2.3.1 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the release of EJBCA SaaS 2.3.1.

This release introduces an optional new light color theme and GitHub actions integrations for more automated deployments.


New 'light' color theme available

The portal can switch between light and dark color themes via a new option in the user settings menu.

GitHub Actions integrations for more automated deployments

Improvements to our CI processes to streamline deployments of new builds.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.

New Features

  • SU-503 - Add light theme and make app theme switchable
  • SU-320 - CI script for staging build and S3 upload
  • SU-609 - Add Github Actions to build and push images to Azure Container Registry


  • SU-145 - Added RootCA failure message and more granular error checking
  • SU-275 - Validate SourceIp input on change and disable buttons until list is populated and validation is successful
  • SU-276 - Validate Syslog input on change and disabled buttons until validation is successful
  • SU-293 - Replace unsaved changes 'window.alert' with a modal component
  • SU-349 - Add Terms & Conditions validation on Registration page
  • SU-415 - Don't display TCP Alert to users without logger read privileges
  • SU-425 - Color adjustments to dark theme to align with Keyfactor brand guide
  • SU-486 - Add Cert Limit field to db
  • SU-505 - Fix initial field focus on User Management Add User form
  • SU-549 - Disable login for deactivated accounts
  • SU-586 - Add Marketplace URL to client build environment
  • SU-590 - Update Node Alpine image version for client build
  • SU-596 - Add ManagementCA CN to Root CA Start/Stop message
  • SU-601 - Refactor server Login code
  • SU-612 - Update regex in Keyfactor API to restrict capitalized domain names
  • SU-616 - Ensure the twoFaToken endpoint is only accessible to logged in users
  • SU-784 - Add SaaS Marketplace Alerts email address to SNS topic

Bug Fixes

  • SU-402 - Upgrade the boto/ansible AWS collection version to address integration issue with EU deployments
  • SU-506 - Fix for M deployment sizing
  • SU-469 - No user privileges causes unauthorized dialog on profile page
  • SU-470 - Increase Source IP limit to 100
  • SU-472 - Session Timeout warning not displaying
  • SU-599 - Fix registry in AWS sqs_consumer

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