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Send Emails from EJBCA

EJBCA can be configured to send e-mails to alert recipients about different events. The following covers how to configure mail notifications in EJBCA to send emails in EJBCA SaaS.

To send emails in EJBCA SaaS, configure mail notifications in EJBCA as you do normally. For more information, see EJBCA documentation on E-mail Notifications.

To send emails in EJBCA SaaS, the Send As email address needs to be from an address with the domain It can be anything such as or Make it clear that it is just a notification address, not something to communicate with.

Sending Email

To test sending emails, configure an email notification when a new certificate is issued from EJBCA SaaS according to the following example:

  1. Click End Entity Profiles under RA Functions, select a profile and click Edit.
  2. Select to use End Entity E-mail and also select Required.
  3. Specify Subject DN Attributes by adding emailAddress DN value:
  4. Specify Subject Alternative Name (SAN) by adding the RFC 822 Name (e-mail address) value and mark it as Required:
  5. Other Datathe notification settings to get an email generated on trigger of a new certificate generation. Send Notification and click Add Another to add one or more recipients for selected events. (warning) Note that you must set the Notification Sender as an "" address, in the following example,

  6. Generate a certificate in the RA Web giving it a delivery address:

  7. If an email is not received when a certificate is generated, you can see why in the syslog stream if you have configured syslog log streaming, see Enable Syslog Log Streaming.
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