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The following provides questions and answers on EJBCA SaaS tools. To view all questions and answers related to EJBCA SaaS, see EJBCA SaaS FAQ.

Does Keyfactor use a formal Source Code Management (SCM) system?

Keyfactor uses GitHub as a formal Source Code Management (SCM) for EJBCA SaaS.

Does Keyfactor use a firewall to protect the EJBCA SaaS?

Keyfactor primarily protects EJBCA SaaS using IP table filters and restrictive ACLs.

Does Keyfactor use IDS/IPS to protect EJBCA SaaS?

Keyfactor uses Host IDS on AMIs and CloudWatch to protect EJBCA SaaS.

What tool is used for IAM (Identity Access Management)?

To manage Identity Access Management, Keyfactor leverages AWS IAM. Keyfactor also leverages the default roles in the application. Our operations staff have also adopted the rule of least privilege in which they are only given access to perform the function of their job.

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