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Adding an Outgoing Peer Connection

The following covers how to add an Outgoing Peer Connection.

For more information on managing Peer Connectors, see Peer Systems Operations and for conceptual information about Peer Systems, see Peer Systems.


The instructions assume the following:

Add an Outgoing Peer Connection

To create an Outgoing Peer Connection:

  1. In the CA UI, click Peer Systems in the menu to view the Peer Systems Management page, then click Add to create a new Outgoing Peer Connection

  2. Name the connector as desired, configure the URL to the downstream node and make sure that the correct Authentication Key Binding is selected. If this connector is going to serve an RA, select Process incoming requests (for a VA you may leave it disabled).

  3. Click Create to add the Outgoing Peer Connection.

The Outgoing Peer Connector has now been created and is ready for use by for example a publisher. 

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