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Certificate Statuses

EJBCA manages the statuses of certificates in the database using integer value. For reference, these are described here:

ValueNumerical ValueDescription
CERT_UNASSIGNED0Certificate doesn't belong to anyone. Not used much anymore in EJBCA 
CERT_INACTIVE10Assigned, but not yet active Not used much anymore in EJBCA 
CERT_ROLLOVERPENDING11Certificate is a new CA certificate which will become valid in the future. 
CERT_ACTIVE20Certificate is active and assigned.
CERT_NOTIFIEDABOUTEXPIRATION21Certificate is still active and the user is notified that it will soon expire. 
CERT_REVOKED40Certificate is revoked, permanently or temporarily.
CERT_ARCHIVED60Certificate is expired and kept for archive purpose. Gets set automatically when a certificate is included in CRL, and has expired.
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