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EJBCA 6.10 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the feature release EJBCA 6.10.

The following covers information on new features and improvements in the 6.10.0 releases:

Read the EJBCA 6.10 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

EJBCA 6.10.0

EJBCA 6.10 introduces an extremely neat feature to the RA web: not only the ability to upload custom stylesheets and logos on the CA web to be used in the RA, and not only setting these per role, but having these transmitted to a remote RA over the Peers protocol. This means that the look-and-feel of an RA placed in an entirely different country than the CA can be modified CA-side without even requiring a restart of the RA, and it can be done for multiple users depending on their role.

On the theme of scares and frights, we're sure that nobody missed the ROCA vulnerability that was made public this month. While EJBCA has never used Infineon libraries for key generation (and to the best of our knowledge, none of our supported HSM vendors do either), we've still been capable of signing weak keys submitted from other sources. Fortunately since we introduced the RSA Key Validator back in EJBCA 6.9, adding a ROCA check there as well was trivial. For those of you running or planning on running RSA Key validation, we strongly recommend activating checking for ROCA weak keys.

On the CMP side we've added the concept of Central Key Generation which allows for a request for a keypair generated CA side to be transmitted andreturned over CMP. Certificate Transparency has been given the ability to specify, apart from the minimum number of required logs, which logs which are considered mandatory to write to - this in anticipation of new requirements from Chrome coming in 2018. We've also kept working on our CAA validator, hammering out various corner cases and parallelizing DNS lookups for certificates containing multiple DNSNames.

From an upgrade perspective we're happy to see many legacy installations (EJBCA 4.0 and older) beginning to upgrade towards more modern versions of EJBCA, and have received some bug reports specific to older deployments which we've fixed in this release. Currently we support upgrading directly from EJBCA 5.0.16 or later. EJBCA 6.10 introduces no database changes, so upgrading from 6.9.x doesn't involve any automatic or manual upgrade steps.


This patch release fixes several corner cases in CAA issuing, a regression in the CMP Proxy where we forgot to update the name of an upgraded library, as well as a minor regression where a newly created Role doesn't show up as 'Custom' by default.


Patch release covering one issue where an issuewild record on a DNS would cause checks for non-wildcard domains to fail.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.10.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.10.0

Released on 1 November 2017

New Features

[ECA-5848] - Allow an RA Admin to request a shorter validity time than is set in the profile
[ECA-6024] - CMP Central Key Generation
[ECA-6095] - Rewrite EJBCA RA Web to be able to read CSS files from an archive stored on the database.
[ECA-6096] - Add to the peers protocol the ability to transmit stored CSS archives from the CA to the RA
[ECA-6097] - Define RA CSS by the role of the logged in user
[ECA-6100] - Add possibility to import and store custom RA CSS file
[ECA-6176] - Ability to upload custom logo images and multiple CSS files
[ECA-6177] - Enable injection of uploaded logo images
[ECA-6178] - Introduce 'Preferences' menu item in RA
[ECA-6191] - Mandatory SCT responses
[ECA-6195] - Add Infineon weak key checking to RSAKeyValidator (ROCA,
[ECA-6197] - Document Custom RA Styles
[ECA-6213] - Apply RA Style selected from the 'Preference' menu in RA-web


[ECA-2723] - When deleting an End Entity Profile, list which end entities/authorization rules that actually use it.
[ECA-3222] - CMP: Add back the ability to use "KeyId" in AdminGUI
[ECA-5381] - Allow approval of other requests than Add End Entity in the RA if the admin is missing that privilege
[ECA-5383] - Upgrade external libraries
[ECA-5610] - Pagination during search exceeding max records
[ECA-5698] - Improve Certification Authorities usability
[ECA-5741] - All search pages appear to be case sensitive
[ECA-5927] - Review which Role Member match operators that should be case sensitive
[ECA-6108] - Move DnsNameValidatorMock to systemtests-common and log error for possible NPE when loading Profile
[ECA-6131] - Not possible to change CA subjectAltName using cli
[ECA-6138] - Parallelisation of CAA lookup for certificate with multiple SANs
[ECA-6150] - Stop writing complete stack traces for expected validation failures
[ECA-6167] - Add Peer Connector RA illustration to architecture documentation
[ECA-6168] - GUI: Internal Key Bindings form usability
[ECA-6169] - GUI: Certification Authorities form usability
[ECA-6170] - GUI: Crypto Token form usability
[ECA-6174] - Skip PKCS11-tests if no PKCS11 driver is installed
[ECA-6179] - Shorten AIA label in Certificate display popup
[ECA-6196] - Improve cache for custom RA styles
[ECA-6211] - Add Quirin's tests to CaaTestSuite
[ECA-6224] - Increase max length of Admin GUI altName input fields
[ECA-6228] - GUI: Validators form usability
[ECA-6245] - Remove EJBCA license headers from ValidatingResolver classes

Bug Fixes

[ECA-5959] - Disabling OcspKeyBinding doesn't take effect until restart
[ECA-6004] - RA Web: The field SAN MS-UPN is broken in Make New Request
[ECA-6042] - Forbid non-modifiable empty Subject DN/Alt Name/Directory Attributes in EEP
[ECA-6043] - Public Web: Create Keystore for Key Recovery displays Key specification drop-down menu
[ECA-6101] - Disabling authorization cache, with value -1, gives error
[ECA-6102] - Possible NPE when looking for database error to display
[ECA-6119] - Regression: Role Members normalizes serial numbers with leading zeros
[ECA-6143] - Regression: RA web can't process CSR
[ECA-6147] - CMP Revocation with PBE responseProtection where KeyId is missing gives NPE
[ECA-6151] - Misplaced "invalid certificate request" message
[ECA-6153] - Regression: Processed approvals not listed in RA web
[ECA-6157] - NPE in RA enrollment page when there's an end entity e-mail but no SAN
[ECA-6158] - EST checkin causes Community build to fail
[ECA-6159] - CMP: revocation should handle empty header.recipient
[ECA-6163] - CAA Validator outputs stacktrace for expired DNSSEC protected records
[ECA-6164] - Regression: ClassCastException when visiting "Search End Entities" in /ejbca/adminweb
[ECA-6181] - NPE editing end entity with name constraints in profile, but no ExtendedInformation in entity
[ECA-6183] - ServiceTypeHolder and ModuleTypeHolder.equals compares the wrong type
[ECA-6184] - HardTokenInformation.equals compares the wrong type
[ECA-6185] - RaRoleMemberBean compares the wrong type in getAvailableMatchKeys
[ECA-6186] - PeerRaMasterServiceThreadBean compares the wrong type in keepServingRaPeer
[ECA-6188] - GUI: Certificate Profiles form visually broken
[ECA-6190] - EJBCA 6.x should handle legacy access match types from EJBCA 3.x
[ECA-6193] - ejbca.cmd on windows does not handle enough arguments for all commands
[ECA-6194] - CMP: enabling CMP over tcp causes deployment failure on modern Jboss
[ECA-6201] - CMP: CA by KeyId function should work with internaltionalized characters, but be limited in length
[ECA-6209] - CAA Validator seems to fail for gaps in DNSSEC domain records
[ECA-6214] - Fix warnings in CT code
[ECA-6216] - EJBCA's implementation of ValidatingResolver fails to receive an NSEC3 if CAA record set on domain is empty
[ECA-6218] - Regression: NPE when performing browser enrollment with "allow extension override" enabled
[ECA-6225] - Concurrent modifiation in ConfigurationHolder during startup with custom WS modifications
[ECA-6231] - OCSP Responder may crash the VA's default responder signing certificate has expired.
[ECA-6232] - Upgrade seems to cause a ConcurrentModificationException since lib upgrade
[ECA-6233] - Correct upgrade guide in terms of obligatory versions
[ECA-6235] - Hide EST Configuration menu options if module is not present
[ECA-6240] - Roles upgraded from old (<4.0) installations may create a stacktrace in the UI
[ECA-6242] - commons-configuration 1.10 breaks system tests


[ECA-6244] - Issue for when DNSSEC enabled

Bug Fixes

[ECA-6251] - Regression: "Custom" access rule template no longer shows up in the simple role page
[ECA-6267] - Regression: Don't issue for
[ECA-6269] - Regression: Preferences tab in RA gives error
[ECA-6273] - References to commons-logging upgrade not updated for CMP Proxy

Issues Resolved in

Bug Fix

[ECA-6346] - CAA fails to ignore issuewild statements for non-wildcard domains

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