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EJBCA 6.11 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the feature release EJBCA 6.11.

Release Highlights:

Read the EJBCA 6.11 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

EST Protocol Support

EJBCA 6.11 introduces support for the Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) protocol. For those of you now in the know, EST is an enrollment protocol similar to SCEP. Much like CMP and SCEP, EST can be configured through multiple aliases, and can like CMP also have calls proxied from an RA up a CA using the Peers Protocol. For more information, see EST.

External Command Certificate Validators

The second main feature of this release is the concept of External Validators, a feature which has been widely requested by quite a few of our enterprise users. An External Validator functions much like the existing validators (RSA, CAA, etc), but it runs on either a certificate or pre-certificate object and calls on local script on the local system.

As a security feature we have added a configuration value under System Configuration that disables both the External Validator and the General Purpose Custom Publisher. This configuration value is set to be disabled by default unless you're currently running a General Purpose Custom Publisher in your installation. To prevent a user from using the External Validator to run system commands, we have also added a command whitelist.

Modular Protocol Configuration

We have also added a few of features to make VA/RA installations more secure in the DMZ. In order to guard against possible 0-days or protocol vulnerabilities we have added the Protocol Configuration-tab to System Configuration. Through this tab all incoming protocols or servlets can be disabled.

Additionally, new access rules now allow prohibiting CMP and WS calls being sent from the RA/VA to the CA via Peers, in case the RA/VA runs the risk of being compromised.

Default OCSP Signature Algorithms Change

We have updated the VA so that SHA1WithRSA and SHA1WithECDSA are no longer acceptable signature algorithms for an OCSP responder. Fore details, see EJBCA 6.11 Upgrade Notes.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.11.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.11.0

Released on 2 January 2018

New Features

ECA-4220 - Support for EST protocol

ECA-4650 - GUI: View functionality for default certificate profiles

ECA-5869 - Add links to an End Entity's certificates in the RA EE Search page.

ECA-5870 - Allow for EE status change from the RA

ECA-5997 - StateDump Validators

ECA-6051 - Add post-processing to Validator framework

ECA-6083 - In the Create CA screen, add a warning to each key in the crypto token that is already used by another CA

ECA-6279 - Add GUI support for CAA misissuance reports w. IODEF

ECA-6280 - Add WS IODEF support in backend for CAA misissuance reports

ECA-6293 - Implement datatype for IODEF

ECA-6313 - Use XML converter for IODEF types

ECA-6315 - Support for CVC certificate extensions

ECA-6383 - Support for FIPS 201-2 PIV FASC-N subjectAltName

ECA-6404 - Include CMP Transaction ID in the log of CMP Proxy

ECA-6425 - Password generator in clientToolBox

ECA-6447 - Add a configurable whitelist to external validators

ECA-6455 - Write documentation for EST


ECA-5944 - Go through RaMasterApi and verify that the presence of a certificate does not prevent forwarding of the request


ECA-3838 - Move DummyApprovalRequest into a test module

ECA-3844 - Move all CRUD methods from CAData into CaSessionBean

ECA-4476 - Name constraints should be validated before approval request gets added

ECA-6155 - Make "treat lookup failure as permission to issue" configurable for CAA lookups

ECA-6229 - Clean up unused language keys

ECA-6246 - Introduce protocol configurations in system config

ECA-6247 - Deny access to disabled protocols globally

ECA-6249 - Modular Protocol Configuration to the RA over Peers

ECA-6257 - Code clean up in RA Preferences.

ECA-6285 - Improve comment about 'web.errorpage.notification' in ''

ECA-6286 - Standard Date/Time examples for the logs

ECA-6291 - Language files clean up, sorting "Mostly Configuration Module"

ECA-6329 - OcspKeybindings should display active status

ECA-6331 - Refactoring "HELPER" message keys in language files

ECA-6333 - Document modular protocol configuration

ECA-6366 - Add jboss-deployment-structure for BC provider on Oracle JDK for external RA SCEP server

ECA-6367 - Add a constant for key purpose 0, defaultKey

ECA-6368 - Remove old unused help links

ECA-6369 - Change default OCSP signature algorithm to use SHA-256

ECA-6370 - Update 'second' CSS style according to 'default' one

ECA-6377 - Move profile ID constants into the correct classes

ECA-6379 - Old list of Role Members is used when an Approval Request is created

ECA-6396 - Specify Bouncy Castle provider explicitly for audit log verification

ECA-6402 - Add test for expiration year filtering of CT Logs

ECA-6405 - Notify user when RA is offline

ECA-6407 - Modular protocol configuration over Peers using access rules

ECA-6409 - Internal Key Bindings page throws exceptions when there's a crypto token error

ECA-6410 - Modular protocol configuration improvements - Implement servlet filter

ECA-6418 - Improve error handling for CV certificates

ECA-6423 - Add Javadoc for CaConstants

ECA-6428 - Modular protocol configuration improvements - UI, Configuration

ECA-6430 - Custom CVC extensions in link certificates

ECA-6432 - Improve error message to distinguish between client and server cert in peer connector

ECA-6446 - Add a system configuration value for enabling External Command Validators

ECA-6452 - "External Command" text frame in External Command Certificate Validator should be wider

ECA-6457 - Create an upgrade routine that enables External Scripts (under System Configuration) only if any General Purpose Custom Publishers exist

Bug Fixes

ECA-6086 - Document CAA IODEF limitations

ECA-6120 - Document that CAA Validator requires TCP ports to be open in firewall

ECA-6187 - clientToolBox. SCEPTest compares the wrong types in responses

ECA-6199 - AdminWeb: Partitioned approval "Request has been executed"

ECA-6222 - Public key exponent min value can be larger than max value for the RSA Key Validator.

ECA-6223 - Possible to enter negative values in all numerical fields in RSA Key Validator

ECA-6236 - Titles "Import CRL" and "Basic Functions" are not localized

ECA-6237 - Display bug in Certificate Profile viewing

ECA-6238 - GUI: Unknown language keys found in Audit Log

ECA-6264 - Fix javadoc compilation errors

ECA-6326 - Error when listing tokens on a HSM

ECA-6330 - Error if default OCSP responder is set to NONE

ECA-6345 - EJBCA Certificate Enrollment Error page

ECA-6348 - when trying to navigate RA Web nothing happens (Blank page). Error message occured in logs

ECA-6371 - Status labels not localized in "Protocol Configuration"

ECA-6374 - ECC Key Validator shows incorrect label

ECA-6376 - Add fields in Partitioned Approval results in java.lang.NullPointerException

ECA-6388 - RA Web: Role Members issued by External CAs states "Unknown CA"

ECA-6391 - CT Log Lifetime table accepts negative values

ECA-6392 - Supervisor does not have access to certificate in audit log

ECA-6417 - MAXFAILEDLOGINATTEMPTS in ExtendedInformation can be saved as a string if set via WS

ECA-6421 - Regression: System Config cannot be saved, NPE

ECA-6422 - Google Ct Policy is reset after flushing cache and saving

ECA-6424 - Clicking on Add End Entity(request) in Approve actions page results in Internal Server Error

ECA-6427 - Misplaced null check in EST operations session bean

ECA-6429 - Regression: NPE in Admin GUI editing CVC CA that was created before validators

ECA-6433 - RA Web: End Entity status change doesn't work from external RA

ECA-6442 - Add dummy AlwaysAllowAuthenticationToken.InternalMatchValue in order to deserialize expired approval requests

ECA-6445 - Upgrade of CAA Validator not triggered when ValidatorBase changed

ECA-6449 - All form fields in End Entity Profiles page should have auto-complete disabled

ECA-6453 - ExternalCommandValidator: Testing non existing command gives stacktrace

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