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EJBCA 6.13 Release Notes

What now, another feature release so soon? Fear not, all is well  - instead we felt that some of the work we've put in to the trunk should be made available as soon as possible.

We hope that as many of you as possible have had a chance to check out the ConfigDump tool we released with EJBCA 6.12, please give us any available feedback that we can plug in to future versions.

The EJBCA VA is GDPR Ready

We've added an option to the VA Peer Publisher restrict publishing identifying certificate metadata from the CA to VA, such as subject DN, SAN or usernames. 

Key Ceremony Utilities added to the RA Web 

During key ceremonies, auditors typically require a copy of all CA Certificate fingerprints. To spare you the process of downloading CA certificates and computing the fingerprints manually using a third-party tool, we've added the following functionality to the RA Web:

  • Download Fingerprints: Downloads a YAML text document with the CA Certificate fingerprints of all CAs you have access to.
  • Download Certificate Bundle: Downloads a compressed zip file containing the CA certificates of all CAs you have access to.

For more information, see RA Web CA Certificates and CRLs.

Roadmap Update

As always, we tend to be restrictive with discussing our roadmap, but one very long awaited project we're very pleased to finally have time to redo is the CA UI, a point of contention which we're sure all of you are painfully aware of. As refactoring interfaces is always a minefield we'll be taking it in minor steps, beginning with the conversion of the antiquated JSP pages into more modern-ish JSF before beginning to make more concrete improvements in usability. Expect to see some pages in the UI slightly change appearance in the autumn, and keep tuned to our blog for more updates on this subject. 

Upgrade Information

Read the EJBCA 6.13 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.13, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.13.0

Released on 3 May 2018


ECA-5792 - Allow peer publisher to only publish required data for OCSP

ECA-6727 - Revocation of Throwaway Certificates

New Features

ECA-6734 - New DB Table (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6737 - New SSB with basic NoConflictCertificateData functionality (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6738 - CA config changes + Admin GUI mods

ECA-6739 - Certificate lookup from PublishQueueServiceWorker

ECA-6740 - Changes in CRL generation logic

ECA-6741 - Update Database CLI

ECA-6743 - Modify EjbcaWS.revokeCert call (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6744 - Modify EjbcaWS.revokeCert call to accept more meta data

ECA-6745 - Manual tests with asynchronous replication

ECA-6746 - ECA-QA click test for Revocation of Throwaway Certs

ECA-6748 - System tests: WS call (Part of Alpha)

ECA-6750 - System tests: VA Publisher with Throwaway certs

ECA-6751 - Performance tests: Check existing tests (Revoke & OCSP)

ECA-6752 - Performance tests: Perform tests (before & after)

ECA-6753 - Document revocation of throw away certs

ECA-6789 - Edit CA page should include an option to select which certificatedata table to write to


ECA-6756 - Add manual test of OCSP for UnidFnr

ECA-6778 - Update all occurrences of ocsp.extensionoid and extensionclass in documentation


ECA-4337 - EJBCA client toolbox PKCS11HSMKeyTool generate command should not overwrite existing keys

ECA-6362 - Document all pages in the UI that are going to be deprecated by EJBCA 7.0

ECA-6572 - Remove timeStampClient.jar from documentation

ECA-6762 - Make existing EjbcaWS.revokeCert call work without certificate data being present

ECA-6764 - Fix missing header and id in test related classes.

ECA-6766 - System test of publishing of throw away certificate revocation status, with mock publisher

ECA-6767 - CertificateDataWrapper should handle revoked throw away certificate case

ECA-6772 - GUI: Usability about GeneralNames type fields (e.g. for Subject Alternative Name)

ECA-6779 - Update Confluence documentation for QC-Statements

ECA-6786 - VA Publisher should not update if revocation reason is permanent

ECA-6791 - Create separate CRUD bean for CertificateData and NoConflictCertificateData, for database queries etc.

ECA-6795 - CMP: don't log stack trace if CMP alias does not exist

ECA-6796 - Check new option "Accept revocations for non-existing entries" in backend code

ECA-6836 - Make it possible to issue throw-away certificates with publishers enabled

ECA-6837 - Restrict "Accept revocation of non-existing certificates" option to throw-away CAs only

ECA-6844 - Create fingerprint sheet in RA web

ECA-6850 - Add backend code for selecting which certificate data table to write to.

ECA-6856 - Use consistent format of library license references

ECA-6859 - Improved naming and ordering of Throw Away Certificate Revocation options

Bug Fixes

ECA-6717 - Remove clientToolBox dependency on ejbca-ejb

ECA-6728 - NPE when changing Approval Profile type

ECA-6761 - Republish/re-activate in the Admin Web passes html encoded data to API

ECA-6768 - DirectoryName in CMP (RA mode) requests doesn't work

ECA-6771 - GUI: Wrong designation of QC-Statements "Name Registration Authorities"

ECA-6775 - Unidfnr entity bean must handle longtext datatype.

ECA-6797 - ConfigDump does not find certain profiles etc. when --exclude option is used

ECA-6800 - junit ProtocolOcspHttpTest freezes

ECA-6823 - checkRevocationStatus returns wrong value for throw away CAs

ECA-6848 - Regression: 'Provide request info' hidden when only 'Select key algorithm' should be

ECA-6852 - Upgrade ocsp extensions does not account for '*' prefix

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