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EJBCA 6.14 Release Notes

It's with no small amount of pride that we'd like to announce the release of EJBCA 6.14, one of the most feature rich releases to come out in a long while. Let's get straight to it, because we have quite a bit to discuss. 


The Certificate Management REST API

A long requested and requested feature is for EJBCA to support a spick and span new REST API, and EJBCA 6.14 introduces the first iteration of our EJBCA REST Interface

So far we've only implemented basic certificate management methods, and we'll be slowly moving on with implementing more powerful features in the near future. You'll find the complete offline API as a part of our documentation here, or deployed locally with your EJBCA installation. For those of you wishing to integrate with EJBCA using REST we deploy Swagger on non-production installations in order to expose the API. Just like with all new protocols added to EJBCA, the REST API is disabled by default and needs to be manually activated. 

Complete Proxification of the EJBCA Web Services API 

A huge milestone for the EJBCA, we put in a huge effort into providing proxification for nearly all EJBCA WS calls. This means that CAs relying on communication with 3rd party applications can now be placed behind an outgoing-only firewall, with communications being relayed through an EJBCA RA. 

Roadmap Update

We're now looking forward to Q3 and EJBCA 7.0, which will be our next Common Criteria candidate. In doing so our goal is to make the complete technology leap from JSP to JSF in our CA UI, a first step to greatly improving the usability of EJBCA. Be also aware that EJBCA 7.0 will drop support for JDK7, so if you haven't upgraded to JDK8 or later yet we strongly recommend doing so. 

Upgrade Information

Read the EJBCA 6.14 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.14.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.14.0

Released on 7th August 2018

Technical Requirement

ECA-6978 - Implement Rest conventions

ECA-7022 - Specify license information for swagger dependencies


ECA-3298 - One Junit failure on DB2

ECA-4729 - getRequestServerName with ejbca behind a reverse proxy via ajp returns wrong server name

ECA-5416 - SoftCryptoToken used for database protection always debug logs stacktrace about PKCS12 keystore password

ECA-6292 - Common PKI CertHash OCSP extension should be a singleExtension instead of a responseExtension

ECA-6654 - PublicCryptoToken can't be used for database protection verification

ECA-6763 - EJB CLI still logs too much irrelevant info

ECA-6774 - Fix the active status logo in internal key binding.

ECA-6848 - Regression: 'Provide request info' hidden when only 'Select key algorithm' should be

ECA-6862 - CertificateDataSessionBean.findUsernameByIssuerDnAndSerialNumber declared final

ECA-6869 - Upgrade code for 6.11 creates access rules that are not normalized

ECA-6880 - fix unit tests for Commuity MariaDB+ubuntu+JBOSS711GA configuration

ECA-6887 - Return value for rejected approvals in EjbcaWS.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int) is incorrect

ECA-6895 - Refine behavior of ApprovalSessionBean.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int)

ECA-6901 - Handle non-DNs gracefully in CertTools.isDNReversed

ECA-6923 - Missed slashes in documentation links

ECA-6947 - Validator view not refreshed, editing Validators modifies cache content

ECA-6950 - Documentation: Custom certificate extension data link broken

ECA-6951 - Documentation links on Admin GUI overview page broken

ECA-6959 - Cache CA name lookup in RoleMembers page view scope

ECA-6997 - Database upgrade version comparison does not handle varying number if fields

ECA-7000 - Improve isFullQualifiedDomainName

ECA-7001 - ExternalCommandCertificateValidator handles stdout and stderr incorrectly

ECA-7004 - Public key blacklist validator fails match on RSA keys when not all algorithms are specified in validator

ECA-7014 - External Command Certificate Validator should fail on non-zero exit code

ECA-7015 - The enum constant UNKNOWN needs a corresponding case label in this enum switch

ECA-7016 - Unlikely argument problems in ACME implementation

ECA-7027 - WS API documentation has wrong URL

ECA-7031 - Documentation Link broken for 'Manage Publishers'

ECA-7040 - Regression: External RA (polling) does not work for Keystore Requests

ECA-7043 - Upgrade with long version number can fail

ECA-7057 - Fix documentation link from Public Web

ECA-7063 - Peer connector settings are not saved when creating a new peer connector

ECA-7078 - Jenkins builds failure for test EjbcaWSCVCTest

ECA-7079 - Jenkins builds failure for SystemTests of REST API

ECA-7080 - Jenkins builds failure for AcmeWorkflowTest of ACME

ECA-7083 - CaaValidator always succeeds when the domain ignore list matches

ECA-7084 - Fix Jenkins test error: Non unique method in RA Master API

ECA-7085 - Some JUnit tests don't run

ECA-7086 - Regression: Help labels and at least one option is gone from the CAA Validator

ECA-7088 - some REST-related unit tests are failing in EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET

ECA-7090 - Swagger inputs in snakecase are not evaluated in REST method input

ECA-7094 - Error "Can't reset to root in the middle of the path" during `ant install` on JBoss ≥6.4.19

ECA-7099 - CRL generation as CRL Issue interval can miss some intervals

ECA-7100 - Revocation CA lookup for nonConflictingCertificateData does not use normalized DN format

ECA-7101 - EjbcaWS.getProfile leaks information about CA's and EEPs

ECA-7108 - X509CA.upgrade could upgrade CA Overlap Time wrong from ancient version

ECA-7111 - Troubleshooting missing from documentation

ECA-7112 - Fix test failure EndEntityProfileSessionBeanTest.testAuthorization

ECA-7115 - WS customLog call calculates CA ID wrong if caName is missing

ECA-7116 - WS customLog call swaps username and admin certificate parameters in log

ECA-7140 - Ignore Top Level Domains field in CAA Validators no longer work

ECA-7141 - orm entry for AcemNonceData incorrect for PostgreSQL

ECA-7142 - Documentation Link broken for under OcspKeyBinding Tab

ECA-7144 - RaMasterApi dispatches non-serializable objects

ECA-7145 - Invalid error handling for EjbcaWS.getProfile (remote)

ECA-7148 - Jenkin's job EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET compilation failure

ECA-7149 - Jenkins job EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET has failing unit test of RsaKeyValidatorTest.testRocaWeakKeys

ECA-7150 - Regression ejbca-db-cli crashes with ClassNotFoundException: AcmeNonceData

ECA-7155 - Manage ACME Aliases is linking to SCEP documentation

ECA-7157 - Fields notBefore and notAfter in the order object are optional

ECA-7158 - HEAD endpoint for new-order is missing and required for certbot compliance

ECA-7159 - REST API /expire offset and maxNumberofResults doesn't work on multiple nodes

ECA-7160 - HEAD endpoint for new-account is missing and required for certbot compliance

ECA-7167 - Regression: Cannot generate keystore with autogenerated password from RA

ECA-7173 - ConcurrentModificationException while editing end entity with custom, dynamic, extensions

ECA-7176 - Regression: RA Web upload CSR auto-parsing stopped working

ECA-7179 - Regression: RA Web cleanup deletes existing end entity

ECA-7180 - NPE in ProfileAndTraceInterceptor

ECA-7181 - CertBot fails due to null values in JSON

ECA-7182 - ACME Link headers are not encoded according to the standard

ECA-7183 - Fix ACME notAfter validation failure

ECA-7184 - Check for incorrect approval settings for ACME CA/profile fails

ECA-7192 - ziprelease excludes from release zip

New Feature

ECA-5711 - RA API call base for ACME

ECA-6750 - System tests: VA Publisher with Throwaway certs

ECA-6845 - Fixing unittests EJBCA_TRUNK_MARIADB_RHEL64_JBOSSEAP64_OPENJDK8 Jenkins build

ECA-6851 - Create automated test for ECAQA-3

ECA-6853 - Add Peer RA Protocol Rule for SCEP

ECA-6854 - Create automated test for ECAQA-76

ECA-6858 - Create automated test for ECAQA-67

ECA-6867 - Create automated test for ECAQA-24

ECA-6868 - Create automated test for ECAQA-62

ECA-6874 - Create module for REST API

ECA-6876 - Implement client certificate authentication for REST API

ECA-6878 - REST API call: List of CAs

ECA-6882 - Create JAXRS "certificate" endpoint in ejbca-rest-api module

ECA-6891 - POST service endpoint to certificatecontroller for requesting new server certificate

ECA-6893 - ACME: Implement dns-01 validation method

ECA-6896 - Create automated test for ECAQA-42

ECA-6897 - Create automated test for ECAQA-8

ECA-6898 - User documentation REST API

ECA-6902 - Create REST service for downloading CA certificates

ECA-6903 - REST method for revoking a certificate

ECA-6904 - GET method to get certificates that are about to expire

ECA-6934 - Add RA proxying of EjbcaWS.findUser(UserMatch) and EjbcaWS.editUser(UserDataVOWS)

ECA-6937 - Create a common exception handler for the REST API

ECA-6941 - Add Swagger to the REST API

ECA-6942 - Create automated test for ECAQA-74

ECA-6944 - Create automated test for ECAQA-28

ECA-6948 - Use HEX serial number as identifier in the REST API

ECA-6953 - REST Json provider configuration

ECA-6954 - REST exceptions cleanup

ECA-6955 - REST soft exceptions

ECA-6956 - Create remaining JUnit test for REST

ECA-6957 - REST system tests

ECA-6958 - REST Use profile names as input instead of ID

ECA-6964 - Refactor cert enrollment REST service to do profile and endentity lookups behind RaMasterApi to improve performance

ECA-6970 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCertificateProfiles

ECA-6971 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCAsInProfile

ECA-6972 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.processCertReq

ECA-6973 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.cvcRequest

ECA-6974 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.customLog

ECA-6975 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.findCerts

ECA-6982 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getAuthorizedEndEntityProfiles

ECA-6983 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificate(String, String)

ECA-6984 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTime

ECA-6985 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTimeAndType

ECA-6986 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getCertificatesByExpirationTimeAndIssuer

ECA-6987 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getLastCAChain

ECA-6988 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getProfile(int, String)

ECA-6989 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS. getLatestCRL

ECA-6990 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals

ECA-6991 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.isApproved(int)

ECA-6992 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.isAuthorized(int)

ECA-6993 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.pkcs12Req(String, String, String, String, String)

ECA-6994 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.republishCertificate(int)

ECA-6999 - REST endpoint for keystore enrollment

ECA-7007 - REST endpoint to get CRL

ECA-7008 - REST endpoint to search for certificates

ECA-7010 - REST endpoint to check certificate revocation status

ECA-7011 - Start using Converters in REST related response, request and entity classes

ECA-7029 - Link Rest API documentation to the proper place

ECA-7030 - Prevent Swagger exposure in Production

ECA-7032 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.getPublisherQueueLength(String)

ECA-7033 - REST endpoint to finalize enrollment after approval

ECA-7034 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS.revokeUser(String, int, boolean)

ECA-7035 - Add CLI command to list publishers

ECA-7038 - Extend EJBCA EJB CLI to allow adding RoleMembers of any supported type

ECA-7039 - Add Cavium Nitrox III as known HSM driver

ECA-7051 - Add protocol configuration for REST

ECA-7052 - Add REST APIs to Peer RA Protocol access rules

ECA-7053 - Add ACME to Peer RA Protocol access rules

ECA-7067 - Add positive audit log messages for all Validation operations

ECA-7076 - REST API - SystemTest - Authorized client requesting a new server certificate

ECA-7077 - REST API - SystemTest - Authorized client revokes a certificate

ECA-7092 - REST API license headers to Enterprise

ECA-7122 - Add RA proxying to EjbcaWS with request local instance first.

ECA-7126 - Add RA Proxying of EjbcaWS.getAvailableCAs

ECA-7127 - Rest APi unit tests are not run in Jenkins

ECA-7156 - Implement CAA identities

ECA-7178 - contacts should not be mandatory for ACME's POST newAccount endpoint


ECA-6861 - Initial prototype of REST API

ECA-6871 - Add Fabiens cmp monitoring script to extras

ECA-6879 - Identification of certificates in REST API

ECA-6890 - Document Wildfly 12 configuration


ECA-7136 - Ensure quality in CAA Validator

ECA-7137 - Ensure quality in REST-API

ECA-7139 - Ensure quality in WS RA-proxying


ECA-6090 - Add ability to specify multiple issuers in CAA validator

ECA-6162 - CT log request - optional full hierarchy, full Json request in debug log

ECA-6436 - Ability to set explicit.ecc.publickey.parameters for crypto tokens

ECA-6849 - Simplification of p11 token login (Crypto Token Activation)

ECA-6856 - Use consistent format of library license references

ECA-6863 - Fix easy to fix compiler warnings in Admin GUI classes

ECA-6873 - Improve handling when receiving SCEP getCACaps request for missing CA

ECA-6883 - Refactor X509CAInfo constructors to use build pattern

ECA-6884 - Run Web Tests on windows

ECA-6885 - CMP: add senderKID to responses when they are signed

ECA-6888 - unidfnr.enabled should have a default value

ECA-6892 - Create exhaustive regression tests for ApprovalSessionBean.getRemainingNumberOfApprovals(int)

ECA-6900 - Shift "Contributors" page from into Confluence Documentation

ECA-6905 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove tls-sni-02 and oob-01

ECA-6906 - ACME draft-12 update: Use camelcase instead of dash

ECA-6907 - ACME draft-12 update: New finalize workflow

ECA-6908 - ACME draft-12 update: Update and review all JavaDoc

ECA-6910 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove authz and cert resources "up" Link

ECA-6911 - ACME draft-12 update: newNonce should respond with HTTP 200

ECA-6912 - ACME draft-12 update: Update AcmeAccount creation workflow

ECA-6913 - ACME draft-12 update: Directory meta info should indicate if external account is required

ECA-6914 - ACME draft-12 update: Wildcard certificate issuance

ECA-6915 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove AcmeAuthorization scope

ECA-6916 - ACME draft-12 update: Update AcmeChallenge workflow

ECA-6917 - ACME draft-12 update: Verify response code for wrong content type

ECA-6918 - ACME: AcmeAccount should belong to an AcmeConfiguration

ECA-6920 - ACME persistence: AcmeNonceData

ECA-6922 - ACME draft-06 cleanup: Remove custom JAX-B serialization

ECA-6924 - ACME: Verify certbot compliance

ECA-6926 - ACME: Enable as part of release

ECA-6931 - ACME: Implement the missing calls in RaMasterApi to allow proxy use

ECA-6932 - ACME UI Configuration: GlobalAcmeConfiguration and AcmeConfigurations

ECA-6960 - ACME draft-12 update: Remove authzDeactivate resource "up" Link

ECA-6966 - Info log details when a database upgrade is started

ECA-6977 - Certificate Transparency, add verification of embedded SCTs and upgrade version of google/certificate-transparency-java

ECA-6980 - Remove root certificate from CT submission

ECA-6981 - GUI: Crypto Tokens form usability

ECA-6995 - GUI: End Entities search result revocation usability

ECA-7005 - Small improvement to CT debug logging

ECA-7017 - REST Jackson library unification

ECA-7018 - Add ACME to modular protocols configuration

ECA-7020 - When a CT log returns an error, log at info level instead of debug

ECA-7028 - modify REST enrollKeystore to accept JSON body rather than query parameters

ECA-7036 - Unidfnr data class should have unid as part of protection string.

ECA-7037 - File system property to disable X.509 client cert requirement for Admin GUI

ECA-7041 - Access rule '/cryptotoken/keys/generate/' is required to create CSR for OCSP Key Binding

ECA-7044 - Support Role namespace in EJB CLI

ECA-7045 - Reorganize crypto tokens documentation into a concept and an operational section

ECA-7048 - Adapt new RA API methods to RA API Guidelines

ECA-7049 - Make sure all RA API methods work both locally and remotely, where applicable

ECA-7056 - Create a "CA Overview" page in the documentation

ECA-7081 - Log all CRL parameters used when making a decision to generate a CRL or not

ECA-7087 - improve EJBCA_TRUNK_UNIT_PUPPET jenkins build (or runsa ant target) somehow, so that build error would make the build red

ECA-7091 - Remove Norwegian FNR from log

ECA-7095 - Enable "Don’t allow ROCA weak keys" in CA/B Forum RSA Key Validation Template

ECA-7097 - Merge REST revocation response classes

ECA-7113 - Make the dns resolver and iana root anchor configurable for acme

ECA-7121 - REST - return correct response code from POST and PUT endpoints

ECA-7123 - REST revocationstatus returns 'revoked' for non-existing entries

ECA-7124 - Complete IEjbcaWS JavaDoc for new RA master API calls.

ECA-7129 - Use static json for static swagger REST API documentation

ECA-7131 - SystemTest for REST Certificates search

ECA-7132 - Remove "default" ACME alias

ECA-7134 - Improve REST endpoint Swagger descriptions

ECA-7147 - Use consistent serial number response format in REST API

ECA-7166 - Update the documentation links for the OCSP keybindings page

ECA-7172 - Add new index for searches on AuditRecordData

ECA-7174 - Improve ProfileAndTraceInterceptor to print arguments properly

ECA-7177 - Increase CRL upload size from 60 KB to 250 MB

ECA-7186 - ACME Configuration: Hide EMPTY profile and add info text about Default CA etc.

ECA-7191 - Add request/response logging for REST calls

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