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EJBCA 6.15 Release Notes

Version 6 of EJBCA is beginning to near its end, and the team are looking forward with great anticipation to be able to give you all a look at what's coming with EJBCA 7. That said, we're sending off the last feature release of EJBCA 6 with a helluva bang: full support for the ACME REST protocol! 


ACME Support

Nearly done by the release of 6.14 but not quite there, EJBCA 6.15's main feature is our support for the ACME protocol, up unto and including all mandatory features in draft 12. Naturally we've implemented it with full support for proxying communications over Peers through our RA, and support for multiple configurations using aliases as we do with other protocols. 

As it's a commonly asked question, we'd like to state here that our implementation has been verified against Certbot, PJAC and ACME Tiny, and our documentation describes how to configure them.  

Wildcards for Custom Certificate Extensions 

We've added two minor features to Custom Certificate Extensions: 

Firstly, we've added wildcards (identified by an '*') to the OID field, which allows a defined extension to match against any array of extensions defined in an incoming request (e.g. in the above example, any request containing an extension ending in .123. The second addition is the Required property, which is by default checked. Unchecking this property makes an extension available to be requested in the enrollment request but not necessary. 

Roadmap Update

Development of EJBCA 7.0 is now underway, and while many of you will be pleased at the new Common Criteria certification that's incoming, the initial UI changes won't be monumental at first. This is because most of the work is being done behind the scenes to pay back a monumental technical debt which has been incurred over the years in the UI module, and in order to maintain stability while the UI is being worked on we're making the changes as slow and gradual as possible. What you'll be seeing next over the coming months will first be a normalization of UI functionality (making sure that similar actions across different pages behave in the same way), followed by a massive renovation of our CSS. After that we'll progressively start introducing more tangible improvements to the UI. 

Upgrade Information

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.15.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.15.0

Released on 5 October 2018

New Features

ECA-7019 - Write documentation for ACME

ECA-7185 - ACME persistence: Create ORM scripts AcmeAccountData

ECA-7187 - Add ACME to Statedump

ECA-7188 - Add ACME to Configdump

ECA-7198 - ACME persistence: Create ORM scripts/entities/CRUD for AcmeOrderData

ECA-7199 - ACME persistence: Create ORM scripts/entities/CRUD for AcmeAuthorizationData

ECA-7200 - ACME persistence: Create ORM scripts/entities/CRUD for AcmeChallengeData

ECA-7202 - ACME system tests - analyse, improve and enable skipped system tests

ECA-7237 - Swagger problems with ACME module

ECA-7244 - Add ability to link in compiled JARs as plugins

ECA-7250 - PKCS11 enable using CKA_LABEL also when a sun attributes file is used

ECA-7253 - Add a method to SignSession in order to sign arbitrary payloads

ECA-7257 - Add possibility to disable Crypto Token key generation for specific PKCS#11 drivers in GUI

ECA-7259 - Add Amazon CloudHSM p11 driver to known P11 drivers in

ECA-7264 - Re-use endentity for ACME cert renewal flow

ECA-7287 - Add Required checkbox to the custom extension configuration screen and logic in backend

ECA-7288 - Add wildcard identifier to the Certificate Extension OIDs


ECA-7138 - Ensure quality in ACME

ECA-7203 - Verify that ACME works with aliases

ECA-7207 - Verify & document External Account Binding in ACME

ECA-7252 - test ACME cert renewal and deacticvation flows with acme4j

ECA-7275 - Test ACME wildcard cert issuance and pre-authorization with certbot.

ECA-7323 - Document Peer RA Protocol Rules

ECA-7324 - Document Optional Custom Extensions

ECA-7331 - Verify if Swagger UI for works for ACME API. If it does, add documentation to confluence. If not, hide the ACME part from swaggerUI


ECA-6921 - ACME persistence: CRUD for AcmeAccountData

ECA-7114 - Improved test for ACME dns-01 validation.

ECA-7120 - Upgrade EJBCA/CESeCore to BouncyCastle 1.60

ECA-7125 - Precompile Swagger UI WAR and add to ejbca/dist

ECA-7194 - Create certificate only for order from request

ECA-7204 - Re-enable ACME in GUI

ECA-7227 - Remove "CA Service Activation" from Certificate Profiles

ECA-7233 - Remove JavaDoc and source files from lib directory

ECA-7234 - Use a StringBuilder to improve efficiency creating database protection

ECA-7239 - Make DNSSEC optional for dns validation


ECA-7243 - Hide external account binding option from ACME GUI

ECA-7247 - Improve the New Terms of Service Agreement functionality of EJBCA ACME server.

ECA-7248 - Use EJBCA name style for issuerDN in CMP revocation request handler

ECA-7251 - Remove clover jar from ziprelease

ECA-7304 - Update default DNSSEC trust anchors

ECA-7305 - Upgrade handling for new "DNS port" setting for ACME

ECA-7310 - Improve feedback from CAA Validator

ECA-7311 - Possible serialization failure when editing Access Rules in Advanced Mode

ECA-7316 - Missing svn:keywords

Bug Fixes

ECA-6872 - Cannot enroll user with Cyrillic characters using RA web + appliance

ECA-7096 - Don't store certificate meta data option makes expireDate not published, causing archiveCutOff

ECA-7154 - SQL Grammar Exception on MS SQL Server v12

ECA-7193 - Move check of requested certificate validity from finalize to newOrder

ECA-7201 - Documentation link to Renew CA gives 404

ECA-7211 - OCSP signing certificates aren't always published for throwaway CAs with revoke enabled

ECA-7215 - CMP: RA Name Generation Scheme with DN component serialNumber does not work

ECA-7220 - DROP table scripts for AcmeNonceData is missing

ECA-7224 - Broken class-path references in ctlog.jar causes WARN messages in the JBoss log file

ECA-7231 - StringTools B64 failing unit test after upgrade to BC 1.60

ECA-7238 - EjbcaWS doesn't handle timeformats ending with 'Z'

ECA-7242 - EJBCA is trying to parse the string 'KeyId' as an integer when authorising an admin

ECA-7245 - NPE when issuing certificate via certbot

ECA-7246 - EjbcaWSTest fails with clearpassword

ECA-7249 - HSMKeyTool --force flag does not work when using an attributes file

ECA-7258 - Security: information leak in debug log

ECA-7260 - CryptoToken key generate button shown when it should not

ECA-7268 - RA Web search End Entities doesn't render if not authorized to search certificates

ECA-7269 - Regression: JSF errors on JBoss AS 7.1.1

ECA-7274 - Test ACME wildcard certificate issuance and pre-authorization with acme4j

ECA-7277 - DatabaseProtection on CertificateProfileData incompatible between <=6.11 and >= 6.12

ECA-7285 - Add HEAD request for the endpoint revokeCert

ECA-7286 - Fix NPE which happens when de-registering account with certbot

ECA-7302 - Name Constraints error when saving existing CA

ECA-7306 - GUI bug in Edit CA page.

ECA-7307 - 'Close' button not functioning under 'View Certificate'

ECA-7322 - Import renewed CA certificates, for External CA does not import to CertificateData, for Externally Signed CA does not publish

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