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EJBCA 6.8 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the feature release EJBCA 6.8.

The following covers information on new features and improvements in the 6.8.0 releases:

Read the EJBCA 6.8 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

EJBCA 6.8.0

Just in time for the Swedish summer (all three days of it), we here at PrimeKey Solutions are very proud to release EJBCA 6.8.0, with a bunch of new features that we sincerely hope you'll enjoy. All in all, 190 issues that have been fixed for this release.

First and foremost, we've made some changes to Roles and Access Rules (see the UPGRADE document for technical details). Among these changes and improvements, we'd like to highlight the following:

  • Managing rules in the Admin UI has been simplified, with a simpler Allow/Deny/Inherit-from-previous structure that we feel is way more intuitive and easy to overview. Rules are now normalized, meaning that when saved the rule set is simplified to the most simple common structure.
  • The Advanced Rules page now has an Summary screen, which displays only the set rules for a Role
  • Setting Role Members has been simplified. Match Operators have been hard coded for different value types in order to make the process less error prone.
  • We have introduced the concept of Role Namespaces, allowing administrators to sort Roles into groups. An logged in administrator may thus only see the Roles in the namespace in which they themselves belong, while being a member of a Role belonging to the "blank" namespace gives access to all. The purpose of this is to allow several different organizational units to be using their own CA, each creating their own Roles with similar names, but without interfering with each other.
  • Last but not least, roles management has been built into the EJBCA RA as well, allowing RA users working on a proxy RA to administrate their own roles without needing access to the CA.

Speaking of the EJBCA RA, we have added API calls for proxying CMP requests and a limited subset of the WS interface to it. This allows the RA to act as a proxy for both CMP calls far more efficiently than the old asynchonous CMP Proxy, as well as act as a proxy for the MS Autoenrollment Gateway which was released with EJBCA 6.7.0.

Approval profiles in CAs and Certificate Profiles can now be set per action, allowing one approval profile to be used for e.g. Adding/Editing end entities and another for revoking.

Some passwords can be configured to be stored in an encrypted form in the database. From EJBCA 6.8.0 and on encryption can be configured with a stronger setting than the default by modifying the password.encryption.key in Only change this value when you are sure that all nodes that will store passwords (end entity clear text passwords and crypto token auto activation codes) are upgraded and can read the new format.


This is a patch release for ECA-6056, where Certificate Profiles using Approval Profiles would cease working if database protection was activated for the CertificateProfileData table.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 6.8.x, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 6.8.0

Released on 19 June 2017

Technical Requirement
[ECA-4793] - RA configuration should be retrieved from the CA

Bug Fixes
[ECA-4550] - Space in email field results in misleading error message
[ECA-5287] - Stack overflow on peer RA if the rule /ra_master_invoke_api is not accepted
[ECA-5311] - RA Enrollment does not work if the request was added in the AdminGui
[ECA-5364] - CSR in End Entity extendedInformation is removed when request is edited in admin GUI
[ECA-5380] - Approve Actions search does not work with certain Status options is approval is expired
[ECA-5453] - DN value with only spaces causes exception in the RA enrollment page
[ECA-5458] - Extra access rules are required for creating certificates through the RA
[ECA-5480] - Remove prioritization arrows in View page for Approval Steps
[ECA-5483] - Buttons positions under Approval Steps are not positioned properly
[ECA-5485] - Approve Actions table items are not aligned properly
[ECA-5604] - /ca_functionality/view_certificate is seemingly unused
[ECA-5623] - When editing end entities timeModified and timeCreated are logged incorrectly
[ECA-5628] - Command description for RevokeCertificateCommand breaks formatting.
[ECA-5694] - Disable prioritizing arrows in Approval Profiles view-only
[ECA-5707] - Error sending approval profile notifications using MS-SQL
[ECA-5712] - 'Use UTF-8 in policy notice text' is disabled using the External CA
[ECA-5722] - Searching for certificates by serial number does not work in the RA
[ECA-5731] - GUI: Cosmetic bug in CA edit page
[ECA-5735] - WaitingForApprovalException changed in core but not WS
[ECA-5743] - Enable fresh install with new authorization system
[ECA-5748] - AccessRulePlugin needs to be able to provide resource name
[ECA-5758] - End Entity Profiles allows for creating hidden EEPs based on case
[ECA-5762] - EJBCA Installation Instructions, missing reload when adding email service
[ECA-5767] - Soft CA Token key alias set to wrong value in upgrade from 4.0
[ECA-5772] - Subscribe cache to local authorizations system updates
[ECA-5776] - RoleMemberData.tokenMatchValue is not allowed to be empty on Oracle
[ECA-5778] - Crypto Tokens page considers an apostrophe invalid in character names
[ECA-5784] - Legacy script based autoenrolment should not remove end entity profile
[ECA-5791] - Incorrect syntax in generated SQL query when searching for approval requests
[ECA-5794] - Denying access rule /ca/ (recursive for all CAs) allows listing of end entities from multiple CAs
[ECA-5801] - CMP: RA CA not found when using ProfileDefault EndEntityCertificate authentication module
[ECA-5803] - CMP key update request updates revoked certificates
[ECA-5807] - Attempting to add hard token issuer with insufficient access displays NumberFormatException
[ECA-5808] - Documentation regression: Error in installation instruction
[ECA-5812] - Internal key bindings allows listing of CAs not authorized to role
[ECA-5815] - Can't close role add/rename/delete dialogs if there's an error
[ECA-5822] - Importing a certificate in the CLI to a keybinding with the wrong keys causes a stacktrace
[ECA-5823] - CMP error handling causes a NullPointerException if message header lacks transaction ID
[ECA-5824] - Simplified AdminGUI authorization for request processing configuration fails to set all rules
[ECA-5829] - Advanced Search End Entities page in CA UI doesn't parse apostrophes
[ECA-5830] - Details column in Audit log shows only encoded base64 if text contains accent characters (ë, è, ê, etc)
[ECA-5831] - Non-ASCII characters in audit log export are incorrectly encoded as XML entities
[ECA-5834] - Search for on audit log using 'contains' on 'Details' column can't parse apostrophes
[ECA-5850] - Timing sensitive CT unit tests can fail if they run first
[ECA-5853] - Upgrade to 6.7.0 fails due to Use Default CA Issue value
[ECA-5859] - Change crypto token CLI command does not work if old crypto token does not exist
[ECA-5861] - Regression: EjbcaConfigurationHolder produces unwanted garbage output in CLI
[ECA-5871] - End Entity Profiles are sorted case sensitive in Access Rules Page.
[ECA-5872] - Viewing EE in RA-gui displays approval request ID incorrectly
[ECA-5874] - Custom certificate extension in GUI is missing RAW encoding option
[ECA-5887] - CESeCoreUtils.makeKeyUnmodifiable reports success even if HSM does not allow to change CKA_MODIFIABLE
[ECA-5888] - Better error message handing requests with dnEmail or UPN without @
[ECA-5890] - InternalKeybinding properties render in the wrong order
[ECA-5892] - PDS URL + location inside a QCstatement is not persisted when exporting the certificate profile
[ECA-5893] - Regression: Certificate profiles cannot be imported
[ECA-5895] - RA Manage request review causes NPE for revocation request
[ECA-5898] - Wrong default timeout for CT Logs
[ECA-5906] - 'Save state' in executed 'Approve Action' leads to NullPointerException
[ECA-5910] - Cloning an approval profile puts the old ID in the data of the new profile
[ECA-5911] - Approve request to add already existing End Entity causes NullPointerException
[ECA-5916] - CA Name Change link certificate shows wrong Issuer DN
[ECA-5918] - error in console log when editing certificate profiles
[ECA-5922] - Statedump: Internal key binding properties are not imported
[ECA-5923] - Create CA as CA Administrator gives Error message: For input string: ""
[ECA-5924] - Access to all CA's required to edit CA
[ECA-5925] - Exception removing last radio button on approval profile
[ECA-5930] - Old ExternalRA needs Base64GetHashMap as acceptable class for serialization
[ECA-5934] - Debug log always, falsely, claims cadata can not be fetched
[ECA-5938] - Unable to save end entity profiles without specified date when custom validity is enabled
[ECA-5939] - Available CAs in End Entity profile not sorted properly
[ECA-5940] - Perform more stringent validation of CMP Vendor and RA mode extraCert certificates

New Features
[ECA-4222] - Support the EFF ACME (REST) protocol
[ECA-4779] - Support Windows Autoenrollment through a proxied RA
[ECA-5019] - Rolling upgrades of CA and RA servers should be possible
[ECA-5174] - Add GUI and WS support for ID on SIM subjectAltName
[ECA-5337] - WS method to import/update external CA certificates
[ECA-5617] - Create the new RoleMemberData object and associated session bean.
[ECA-5618] - Upgrade Roles/Rules according to the new design.
[ECA-5625] - Ability to do post-upgrade from GUI
[ECA-5629] - Create the new RoleData object and associated session bean.
[ECA-5630] - Create a basic page in the RA UI for Roles Management
[ECA-5631] - Create an RA page for Roles Management
[ECA-5632] - Create an RA page for Roles Members Management
[ECA-5633] - Create an RA page for editing Role and Access Rules Management
[ECA-5634] - Upgrade Role Members according to the new design.
[ECA-5635] - Use new Role and RoleMember instead of AdminGroupData and AdminEntityData
[ECA-5648] - Use value object RoleMember instead of RoleMemberData in API
[ECA-5653] - Add tokenIssuerId column to RoleMemberData
[ECA-5669] - Cache authorizations for the exact same client
[ECA-5676] - Always delete all Role's RoleMembers when deleted
[ECA-5714] - Add human readable description to Role Members
[ECA-5734] - Add P11Spy as known P11 implementation to
[ECA-5737] - Provide conversion from Role's accessRules to AccessSet
[ECA-5742] - Create system tests for for RoleMemberSessionBean
[ECA-5751] - Handle HardTokenIssuerData.adminGroupId during upgrade
[ECA-5755] - Write system tests for role namespaces
[ECA-5773] - Create documentation for all and any rules used in EJBCA
[ECA-5796] - Experimental support for Curve25519 (ECDSA with Curve25519 curve)
[ECA-5800] - Document all Audit Log Events
[ECA-5817] - RaMasterApi with outgoing upstream connection from RA
[ECA-5825] - System test RA over outgoing peer connections
[ECA-5842] - Ability to modify the built-in password encryption/obfuscation key
[ECA-5843] - Add Georgian as a language to QC Statements extension
[ECA-5846] - Implement CMP proxying on the RA
[ECA-5857] - Ability to download CSR from Approve requests and view end entity in RA
[ECA-5867] - Add Vietnamese language files
[ECA-5880] - Create "Unknown is unauthorized" mode for OCSP responses
[ECA-5886] - Disable the nonce extension for individual OCSP responders.
[ECA-5891] - Add Utimaco P11 R2 to default P11 libraries
[ECA-5894] - Add a WS method for getting the number of approval remaining for a certain request.

[ECA-4790] - KaRA should be well documented
[ECA-5170] - Public RA user must be able to finalize legacy enrollment with username and enrollment code

[ECA-5010] - Remove EJBCA wiki
[ECA-5775] - Clear RA cache on the cache reload event
[ECA-5878] - Add contributed ejbca-setup script downloading and installing full EJBCA Community
[ECA-5897] - Revert changes that were made to EJBCA trunk during original ACME implementation

[ECA-3164] - Use implicit match type for admins
[ECA-3363] - Auto register AccessMatchValues by using ServiceLoader for AuthenticationTokens
[ECA-3607] - Modify CLI to fail gracefully in case appserver is not running
[ECA-4097] - When editing EE profiles, if the default Cert profile i chosen as default but not among the allowed, it is added
[ECA-4530] - Prohibit admin from lowering own access
[ECA-4844] - Approval requests sorting should be shown with an icon
[ECA-5444] - Correct size of drop down boxes in RA search pages
[ECA-5544] - Improve RA log messages
[ECA-5545] - RA enrollment: Show/hide details button is shown when it's not needed
[ECA-5581] - Rename the "View More" link to something more obvious on approval page
[ECA-5584] - Log info on key used for database-protection
[ECA-5607] - Preparations for optimized lookup of preferred match value
[ECA-5614] - Treat authorization as a union of all grants by role memberships instead of based on DN order
[ECA-5620] - Implement new access control logic based on the new Role and RoleMember representations
[ECA-5621] - Add a namespace check to RoleSessionBean
[ECA-5637] - Upgrade commons-httpclient and move from lib/ext to lib
[ECA-5652] - Adapt the existing access rules page to the new access rule system
[ECA-5654] - Increase size of tokenMatchValue column in RoleMemberData
[ECA-5655] - Adapt the current AdminGUI Roles page to work with the MPKI generation roles
[ECA-5684] - Set secure flag on Public Web session cookie
[ECA-5685] - Corrected DatabaseSchemaTest fails on Oracle with ORA-24816
[ECA-5693] - Change 'Cancel' button to 'Back' in Approval Profiles in View mode
[ECA-5695] - Clean up old access control not needed for upgrade
[ECA-5701] - Handle P11 providers that are broken for EC when figuring out supported curves
[ECA-5715] - CMP - Do not enforce clear-text-password with EndEntityCertificate
[ECA-5723] - Replace 'Logged in <Username>' to 'Logged in as <Username>'
[ECA-5724] - Number(Short) and Number(Long) fields are printing numbers from right side
[ECA-5736] - Open 'RA Web' in a new tab
[ECA-5757] - Improving advanced access rule page usability
[ECA-5760] - Propagate authentication failures when checking authorization
[ECA-5761] - Show namespace in Role Members page
[ECA-5766] - System Configuration autoenrollment doc link should point to proper information
[ECA-5768] - Use new authorization system in the RA if available
[ECA-5774] - Audit log RoleMember changes
[ECA-5779] - Make RoleDataSession.persistRole idempotent
[ECA-5782] - Have LegalCharsValidator report what characters that break validation
[ECA-5789] - Finalize post-upgrade proceedure for 6.8.0
[ECA-5790] - Add org.apache.tomcat.util.http.Parameters.MAX_COUNT to standard JBoss 7 configuration
[ECA-5797] - Avoid authorization cache update when authorization never really changed
[ECA-5806] - Clean up unused and redundant access rules related to public_web_user/, basic_functions/ and secureaudit/auditor/
[ECA-5810] - Upgrade EJBCA/CESeCore to BC 1.56
[ECA-5813] - Improve error message on browser enrollment key generation failure
[ECA-5814] - Add possibility to get any CRL using Public and RA Web
[ECA-5818] - Clean up Roles produced during system tests
[ECA-5821] - Make note in doc/UPGRADE that upgrades directly from EJBCA 4 are possible
[ECA-5826] - Fix deprecations in PeerConnectorPool after upgrade of HttpComponents
[ECA-5832] - Decode B64 encoding in Audit Log XML export
[ECA-5836] - Remove AuditorQueryHelper
[ECA-5838] - Remove possibility to search in details column of Audit Logs
[ECA-5845] - Split approval profiles up for different types of requests
[ECA-5852] - Replace EJBCA logo with the new edition
[ECA-5855] - Replace references to to
[ECA-5858] - Improve/correct audit log entries for Crypto Token, id->ID
[ECA-5860] - Add signature algorithm to keybind list CLI command output
[ECA-5868] - Change default intresources.secondarylanguage to english
[ECA-5873] - Re-implement EFF ACME protocol support
[ECA-5899] - Add a CMP Key Update Request test to verify that admins can't request certificates from the wrong CA.
[ECA-5902] - Adjust OCSP max-age and next update (in response and RFC5019 headers) to OCSP signing certificate expire date, if expire is before configured values
[ECA-5914] - CMP: Handle several certs in extraCerts field
[ECA-5915] - CMP: Not all SubCAs need to be imported in Vendor mode
[ECA-5920] - Changes all references from Role "Administrators" to "Role Member"
[ECA-5929] - Publishers are not sorted alphabetically in select menus
[ECA-5933] - GUI: New eIDAS word for SSCD
[ECA-5942] - CryptoTokenManager: Make clear that the "Authentication Code" is not being *set* or *defined* here

[ECA-5745] - Use new authorization system in Admin GUI
[ECA-5750] - Use new authorization system for approvals
[ECA-5754] - Adapt statedump to new Roles and RoleMembers
[ECA-5780] - Remove legacy authorization system code used from Admin GUI
[ECA-5781] - Remove no longer needed use of ComplexAccessControlSession
[ECA-5783] - Remove no longer needed use of AccessControlSession
[ECA-5786] - Remove no longer needed use of RoleManagementSession and related classes
[ECA-5787] - Consolidate legacy authorization code needed for upgrade
[ECA-5788] - Remove AccessTree and related classes

Issues Resolved in

Released on 17 August 2017


[ECA-6056] - Databaseprotection does not work with CertificateProfiles using Approvals

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