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EJBCA 7.2.1 Upgrade Notes

Below are important changes and requirements when upgrading from EJBCA 7.2 to EJBCA 7.2.1. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA. For details of the new features and improvements in this release, see the EJBCA 7.2.1 Release Notes

Database Changes

There are no database changes to this version.

Behavioral Changes

EST Renewal

For the EST operation 'simpleenroll', if an end entity with the specified username already exists, it is treated as a renewal: a new certificate is issued for the existing end entity (as long as no settings block this behavior: e.g. Enforce Unique DN or Enforce Unique Public Keys). Previously such a request would be rejected, though not likely to occur since end entity usernames were randomly generated.

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