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EJBCA 7.2 Release Notes

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is proud to announce the feature release EJBCA 7.2.0.


Persistent Storage of Certificate Transparency SCT Responses

Persistent caching of Certificate Transparency SCTs (Signed Certificate Timestamps), in the form of a database-backed storage, has been added in addition to the existing in-memory caching. This reduces the number of requests to the CT log server and increases the performance in the following ways:

  • The database-backed storage will be used after a restart when the in-memory cache is empty.
  • The in-memory storage has a limit of 100 000 certificates by default, and will only keep the SCTs for the most recently requested certificates. The database-backed storage has no such limit and will be used for SCTs for less frequently requested certificates.
  • The database-backed storage will store partial results for a certificate, allowing EJBCA to retry a submission efficiently at a later point.

Additionally, the default configuration was changed to rate-limit connections to logs that are down or return error codes. This reduces the load on both log servers and EJBCA. For example, if a CT log rate-limits EJBCA, then EJBCA will back off for 1 second by default.

For more information, see Certificate Transparency.

Crypto Token and CA Management REST API

The EJBCA REST API has so far been limited to Certificate Management operations. We've now extended the REST API, adding resources for CA administration as well. This allows simpler remote integration and management as an option to the GUI. New endpoints support crypto token- and CA Management including:

  • CA activation and deactivation.
  • Crypto Token activation and deactivation.
  • Key generation and removal.

Swagger UI

New REST resources in Swagger-UI

The new endpoints will naturally be disabled by default, requiring activation via Protocol Configuration before use. For more details and endpoint documentation, see EJBCA REST Interface.

Upgrade Information

Read the EJBCA 7.2 Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA 7.2.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 7.2.0

Released on 20th of June 2019

New Features

ECA-7943 - Add selenium test for creating a CA with partitioned CRLs

ECA-8092 - Remove Hard Tokens - a followup ticket

ECA-8113 - Add REST endpoint for cryptotoken management

ECA-8114 - Write systemtests for crypto token REST resource

ECA-8115 - Update static swagger file for documentation

ECA-8116 - Create REST endpoint for cryptotoken activation

ECA-8117 - Create REST endpoint for cryptotoken deactivation

ECA-8118 - Create REST endpoint for cryptotoken key creation

ECA-8127 - Create REST endpoint for CA Activation

ECA-8151 - Update CLI to allow viewing/generating partitioned CRLs

ECA-8249 - Import CVC CA CLI command should be able to import DVCA


ECA-8125 - As a tester, I would like to call Rest endpoints for both testing and utilities that will work internally and externally of a docker image.

ECA-8137 - POC: Remote access for REST using GIT

ECA-8141 - Testing: Integration / Verification Testing

ECA-8176 - Exploratory testing using Swagger-UI

ECA-8182 - Document new REST resources

ECA-8194 - Add example script for ejbca-rest-api/v1/certificate/pkcs10enroll to the REST documentation

ECA-8209 - -Ddoc.update=true does not work anymore


ECA-7059 - Remove properties files for CRLstore and CertStore

ECA-7272 - Security verification

ECA-7418 - Java 11: Xerces throws ClassNotFoundException:

ECA-8053 - Return correct version from REST status endpoint

ECA-8129 - Enable CT fastfail caching / backoff by default

ECA-8130 - Set up CT log test server and document it

ECA-8131 - Create DB update scripts and ORM files for new SCT table

ECA-8132 - Entity Bean for SCT disk cache

ECA-8134 - Saving SCT data to persistent table

ECA-8135 - Save and Read SCTs from persistent SCT table

ECA-8136 - Upgrade notes for persistent SCTs

ECA-8138 - Unit test of OcspCtSctListExtension

ECA-8149 - Code cleanup April 2019

ECA-8152 - Prevent broken certificate chain from being imported in the CLI using the 'ca importca' command

ECA-8156 - Generate URLs for URL rewrite with Client Toolbox

ECA-8158 - Documentation: Update CertSafePublisher description

ECA-8159 - Improve HealthCheck to also perform test signatures on the audit log

ECA-8165 - Create REST endpoint for CA Deactivation

ECA-8167 - Possibility to issue a final CRL with unlimited end date 99991231235959Z

ECA-8170 - Improve reliability of service workers in a cluster

ECA-8173 - Service workers always log success if the service ran, no matter the result

ECA-8181 - Warn when slot does not contain a key with the alias 'testKey' and relax the naming convention for these keys

ECA-8192 - Move REST resources into separate modules

ECA-8203 - CA token sign test should not sign with the same key twice

ECA-8206 - Use SHA256 with creating signed PKCS7 messages from X509 CAs

ECA-8208 - Refactor SCT caching to cache partial results also

ECA-8211 - Create a return type for publishers in order to track numbers of successes and failures

ECA-8229 - Debug log all steps in StartupSingletonBean

ECA-8230 - Base archiveCutoff on actual producedAt time instead of currentTimeMillis

ECA-8231 - Use the default CA of the SCEP alias, if no CA is specified in the message

ECA-8239 - Remove jsessionid from URLs on first session visit

ECA-8250 - Protocol Configuration for new REST resources

ECA-8264 - Update version in CT user agent to 1.1

ECA-8280 - Seconds in certificate's "valid from" and "valid to" fields (EJBCA API)

Bug Fixes

ECA-7739 - Using a certificate profile template does not select the correct fields

ECA-7828 - Drop down menu for 'Select Worker' under 'Services' is not responsive

ECA-7841 - Regression: Missing JAXB in JDK11 and lack of bundled API JAR causes complication error for Acme classes

ECA-8025 - Regression: Wrong CA-certificate is downloaded in the CA web

ECA-8079 - Edit CA page problems when creating CA from statedump

ECA-8099 - CA created with "Signed By External CA" has Serial Number Octet Size -1

ECA-8144 - Unable to change publisher type during edit

ECA-8147 - Regression: Cannot enter LDAP protocol CDP URL

ECA-8148 - Unable to edit and save access rules in basic mode

ECA-8153 - CertSafe Publisher throws NPE

ECA-8155 - Return not found on unhandled EST operations

ECA-8160 - does not detect current working directory correctly

ECA-8161 - Ticket #215 VIECA?

ECA-8168 - NPE in RA web when rendering view enrollwithusername.xhtml

ECA-8191 - Change the ocsp.nonexistingisbad.uri pattern

ECA-8215 - Converter missing in selectManyListbox

ECA-8216 - Installation: Ejbca.ear does not deploy on Wildfly 10

ECA-8234 - OCSP requests with missing issuerKeyHash causes exception

ECA-8240 - Typos in create database postgresql script

ECA-8243 - Regression: NPE when a service is not scheduled to run

ECA-8253 - Integer converter missing in selectManyListbox on LDAP Publisher page

ECA-8254 - Check and possibly fix public key AlgorithmIdentifier parameters when issuing certificates

ECA-8308 - OcspKeyBinding CSR is not compatible with Microsoft CA

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