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EJBCA Release Notes


This release includes error corrections for Certificate Management Protocol (CMP) and resolves a REST API regression.

The release also corrects an OCSP compliance issue when the new EJBCA 8.2 option "Pre-produce OCSP response upon issuance/revocation” is enabled.

Upgrade Information

As a maintenance release, the upgrade procedure is the same as for EJBCA 8.2. See the EJBCA 8.2 Upgrade Notes for upgrade information.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

The following lists fixed issues in EJBCA

Issues Resolved in

Released February 2024

Bug Fixes

ECA-12172 - OCSP Compliance issue

ECA-12071 - Regression: REST API api v2 certificate search broken in 8.2 when performing count

ECA-12060 - CMPv2 responses signed with incorrect alg when request uses HMAC instead of signing algorithm

ECA-12077 - CMP Aliases in RA Mode do not survive the upgrade to 8.2

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