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EJBCA Client Toolbox

The EJBCA Client Toolbox enables a set of tools built as a stand-alone package, which can be put on any machine and run independently of EJBCA.

The Client Toolbox provides commands to function as a Web Service RA, to manage keys on PKCS#11 HSM, to perform EJBCA health checks, to enroll CVC EAC certificates, and to test CMP and SCEP protocols.

The Client Toolbox also includes a Web Service CLI tool to be used as a command line interface for the Web Service Interface, see Using the Web Services CLI in Web Service Interface.

Build and Use clientToolBox

To build clientToolBox with ant, run the following:

ant clientToolBox

The directory ./dist/clientToolBox is created and can be moved to any location. To use any of the tools, call in this directory or put the directory in your PATH and run to call it from any location.

Run the command to provide help for available commands and options:

  • Call the script without arguments to list valid arguments for tools to use:
  • Call the script with an argument to provide help on the specified tool, for example OCSP:
    BASH ocsp

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