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EJBCA Integration

View guides on integrating EJBCA with third-party applications and find more information on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Integrating with Third-Party Applications

View guides on how to integrate EJBCA with various third-party applications and drivers, for example:

Access EJBCA using USB Tokens and Smart Cards

Integrating EJBCA with Graylog

Microsoft Intune Device Certificate Enrollment

Integrating EJBCA with Azure AD Role Based Authentication (RBAC)

Integrating EJBCA with Azure Application Insights

Subordinate HashiCorp Vault CA to EJBCA Root

Enrolling chromeOS Devices against EJBCA

Using CertBot to Issue Certificates with ACME to an Apache Web Server

Issuing Certificates to Kubernetes Services using cert-manager

Versasec Card Management System Integration

→ View all Integration Guides

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

EJBCA supports various Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and each HSM has its own specific interface for key generation and maintenance, independent of EJBCA.

View information on supported and tested HSMs, example configurations and HSM-specific documentation.

→ Hardware Security Modules

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