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External Account Bindings

External Account Bindings allow binding a certificate to an identifier from an external data source.

The System Configuration External Account Bindings tab lists available Account Binding IDs and allows you to import an External Account Bindings configuration.

The list of usable namespaces is available for selection in the Certificate Profile field Account Binding Namespace.

To import an Account Bindings configuration, click Browse to upload a CSV file. Use a CSV file format with the two columns namespace and accountId according to the following example.

Allowed values are alphanumeric strings including hyphen (-), underscore (_), and period (.).



The account ID is selectable in the RA UI field External account ID during enrollment, see Creating Certificates on the RA.

Certificates associated with the External account ID can be searched and retrieved using the RA UI, see Certificate and End Entity Life Cycle Management.

For information on how to combine external account bindings with an ACME external account binding (EAB), see Combine ACME EAB with General Account Binding.

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