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Managing Certificate Profiles

A Certificate Profile defines the constraints of the certificate, for example, what keys it can use, and what the extensions will be.

This section describes how to manage, create and edit Certificate Profiles.

For more conceptual information about Certificate Profiles, see Certificate Profiles Overview and for information on available Certificate Profiles Fields, see Certificate Profile Fields.

Managing Certificate Profiles

To view the Manage Certificate Profiles page, select Certificate Profiles under CA Functions. The Manage Certificate Profiles page shows a list of available profiles. At the top of the list, you will see a number of default profiles, followed by any new profiles created.

The actions that can be performed on a single profile are:

Action NameDescription
ViewRenders a view-only page of an end entity profile, to be used to ensure that no changes are made unintentionally, or for roles that lack edit access.
EditAllows editing of a certificate profile. Not available for the fixed basic profiles.
DeleteDeletes a profile. Not available for the fixed basic profiles.
RenameRenames a profile to the name specified in the Add field. Not available for the fixed basic profiles.
CloneProduces a hard copy of a profile, again the name will be taken from the Add field.
ExportExports the selected profile to a zip file.

To add a new Certificate Profile, specify a name for the profile at the bottom row, and click Add, see Managing Certificate Profiles#Creating Certificate Profiles.

Creating Certificate Profiles

Create a Certificate Profile for TLS Servers

For more information on creating Certificate Profiles for server certificates, see:

→ Create a Certificate Profile for SSL/TLS Servers

Create a Certificate Profile for Passport Signers

For more information on creating a Certificate Profile for passport signers, see:

Create a Certificate Profile for a Document Signer for Passports

Importing and Exporting Certificate Profiles

The Import/Export section contains fields for importing and exporting Certificate Profiles. For more information, see Import/Export Certificate Profiles.

Managing Certificate Transparency Logs

For information on how to manage Certificate Transparency logs, see:

Certificate Transparency

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