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Microsoft Intune Certificate Revocation


The Microsoft Intune Certificate Revocation service worker makes it possible for EJBCA to revoke certificates via Intune. Given an Intune tenant, the service worker pulls revocation requests from Microsoft Intune and performs certificate revocation internally.

The following lists available worker settings.

Application ID from AzureAzure Application ID obtained for this SCEP server.
Azure Application API Key obtained for this SCEP server.
Identifier obtained for this SCEP server.
Free text field used to identify this EJBCA instance. For example ''EJBCA 7.6.0 Enterprise"
Maximum number of revocation requests retrieved each time the service worker executes.
The Peer connector used if revocation requests should be dispatched through a Peer connected RA instance. If local is selected, the CA instance which the service worker runs on will connect to Intune directly.
The CAs to query revocations for. Multiple CAs can be selected.

The Microsoft Intune Certificate Revocation worker must be configured on a CA instance. However, revocation requests can be dispatched through an RA.

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