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Publisher Queue Process Service

The publisher queue process service processes the publisher queue. In the publisher queue, entries, where publishing failed, is collected. This service will try to re-publish entries from this queue. 

If you run one service for each publisher, you should only configure one publisher in every service. Do not let two services handle the same publisher. 

For information on how the algorithm to prevent excessive database load etc is done, review the java file for class PublishQueueProcessWorker. The same algorithm as for the CRL update worker is used to make sure the service only runs in one instance on one node.


Publishers to checkPublishers this service should check and re-publish for. You can run one service for each publisher, or one service for all publishers.
Max number of entries to publish per intervalThe max number of entries that will be handled per publishing interval. Default value is 20 000, but can be set up to 200 000. Only successful attempts are counted, and the entries are retrieved from the database in batches of 100. 


The publishing queue service will grab queued entries in batches of 100 from the top of the queue and publish up unto the max set for the service by the Max number of entries to publish per interval setting. If the time taken to publish this number of values exceeds the time interval until the next service is scheduled to start, the original service will continue working and subsequently scheduled workers will cancel out. By modifying these two values throughput can be maximized based on the expected queue length and the throughput to the VA. 

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