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Publishers Management

EJBCA has modular support for Publishers. A publisher can be any external source where you want to send issued certificates and CRLs to be stored. 

This section provides information about setting up individual publishers.

For more information on different publishers and their purposes, see Publishers Overview

Activating a Publisher

Once created, a Publisher is active when it has been selected in a CA or a Certificate Profile.

Setting up a VA Peer Publisher

A Validation Authority (VA) Peer Publisher publishes revocation information from the CA to a VA using the Peers protocol.

For instructions on setting up a VA Peer Publisher, see:

How to set up a VA Peer Publisher

Managing the Publisher Queue

The Publish Queue Status shows the current number of events stored in each publisher's publisher queue. Events can be stored in the publisher queue either because publishing failed, or because publishing goes to the queue directly.

For more information on managing the publisher queue on the EJBCA CA Overview page and how to perform SQL queries against the database to remove items from the publisher queue, see:

Publisher Queue

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