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Keyfactor EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition brings all components needed to successfully deploy and operate a full-blown Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Focusing on special needs around PKI deployments operated by Trusted Service Providers (TSPs) according to the eIDAS regulation, EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition reduces compliance risks while building such a service. Through its hyperconverged approach of combining a specialized version of EJBCA software, Common Criteria PP5 certified HSM, and a configuration and management portal which allows an easy, cost-efficient and compliant way to maintain the system, EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition is the true turn-key solution for eIDAS QTSP operations.

It includes a complete Certificate Management System (CMS), with an unlimited number of Certification Authorities (CAs) and/or subordinate CAs, Registration Authority (RA) and a Validation Authority (VA) including OCSP and CRL support.

Easy and effective management is the key to a secure and reliable eIDAS compliant PKI deployment. EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition leverages the proven Keyfactor Hardware Appliance platform with additional modifications to address eIDAS requirements and offers a web-based interface including all functions needed for a straightforward deployment and effective operation.

This documentation refers to the EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition. For technical reasons, however, you will find references - in text and in illustrations - to Keyfactor EJBCA Hardware Appliance (formerly known as the PKI Appliance). In these cases, there are no differences between the two products. 

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