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Hardware Appliance 3.9.3 Release Notes

The PrimeKey Appliance team is pleased to announce the release of the EJBCA Hardware Appliance and SignServer Hardware Appliance version 3.9.3.

The release brings new updated versions of EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise.


New versions of EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise 7.8.1

Updated version of EJBCA Enterprise, see the EJBCA Release Notes.

SignServer Enterprise 5.8.1

Updated version of SignServer Enterprise, see the SignServer Release Notes.

Phasing out support for Utimaco PKCS#11 R1

We are starting to phase out support for the legacy PKCS#11 Utimaco R1 stack. P11R1 is still available when restoring from backup and when connecting to a cluster, but will not be offered for new installations going forward. If you still need to set up new installations with P11R1, please contact PrimeKey support for assistance.

We recommend upgrading and migrating your installation to P11R2. When restoring a backup of an installation still running P11R1, the Hardware Appliance Web Configuration Wizard provides options to migrate over your data to P11R2. For more information, see Migrating the HSM Key Material from PKCS#11 R1 to PKCS#11 R2.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and improvements included in the release.

  • MONT-3376: Starting to phase out support for the legacy PKCS#11 Utimaco R1 stack.
  • MONT-3297: Allow HTTP Method DELETE for EJBCA REST API

Upgrade Information

For important upgrade information and limitations to be aware of, review the Upgrade Notes.

Note that as of 3.9.0, the application server WildFly has been updated to version 24 and thus the stock standalone.xml configuration file has changed. If you have manually altered this configuration file, additional manual file edits will be required to either re-apply the required changes to the new version of the file or merge the configuration file updates into your altered standalone.xml file.

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