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Backup using AWS Snapshot

To backup an instance of SignServer Cloud, you can either use the CLI script included on the instance or create a snapshot in the AWS Console. This section describes how to backup using AWS snapshot. For information on how to backup via script, see Backup via CLI Script.

Backup using AWS Snapshot

To backup the instance by taking a snapshot in the AWS Console:

  1. Access the EC2 Console at and click Running Instances.
  2. Select the instance to take a snapshot of.
  3. Right-click the instance, point to Image and select Create Image.
  4. Enter a name and description for the image in the Image name and Image description fields, and then click Create Image.
  5. In the sidebar, select Snapshots. You will see the pending snapshot being created.
  6. Once the snapshot is accessible it will be marked as Completed in the Status column.
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