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Create a CloudHSM Crypto User

To create a CloudHSM crypto user, do the following:

  1. Login as the CO admin:
    aws-cloudhsm> login CO admin <password>
  2. Create a signserver crypto user:
    aws-cloudhsm> createUser CU signserver <password>

  3. Use listUsers to see all users:
    aws-cloudhsm> listUsers
    Users on server 0(
    Number of users found:2
        User Id   User Type   User Name     MofnPubKey     LoginFailureCnt     2FA
             1         CO       admin            NO               0             NO
             2         CU       signserver       NO               0             NO
  4. Quit the client utility:
    aws-cloudhsm> quit

    For more detailed user management, refer to the AWS CloudHSM documentation Managing HSM Users in AWS CloudHSM.
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