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Creating First Key for SignServer

In order for a CryptoToken to activate in SignServer it requires the ability to see a default key in the CryptoToken. Perform the steps below to create a test key that SignServer can use to activate the Crypto Token.

To create a first test key for SignServer:

  1.  Click Keys in the Azure Key Vault created to be used with SignServer, in this example SignServerKeyVault (created in the Creating an Azure Key Vault step).
  2. Click Generate/Import.
  3. Specify the following and then click Create:
  4. The default key Name defined in the CryptoToken of SignServer will be "testkey0" but any key name can be used.
  5. Select RSA for the KeyType
  6. Select 2048 for the RSA Key Size.

  7. The key is created and displayed in the list.

Next, continue to Creating an Azure Key Vault Crypto Token in SignServer for instructions on configuring an Azure Key Vault Crypto Token.

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