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Generate TLS Certificates for SignServer

The default certificates for SignServer are generated upon installation and are self-signed. It is recommended to configure new certificates from a CA which EJBCA trusts. Running a script on the command line of EJBCA Cloud can make this a simple process. 

To generate new TLS certificates for SignServer, do the following:

  1. Start a shell session to the EJBCA instance:
    # ssh -i <ssh public key> ec2-user@<ip address of EJBCA instance>
    # cd /opt/PrimeKey/support
  2. Run the script titled Running this script with the -d and -i flags will generate certificates that Apache on the SignServer instance will use. In this demo environment example, our DNS and IP address for our SignServer instance are:
    • ip-172-16-2-98.ec2.internal
    Running the script passing these addresses to the command line will look like the following:
    # sudo ./ -d -d ip-172-16-2-98.ec2.internal -i -i
  3. Answer y to the prompt about copying the certificates with proper names for Apache.  This will output them to. /home/ec2-user/pem.
  4. Copy this pem folder to the SignServer instance. This should be done over a secure channel between the nodes, via SSH or whatever method meets the organizations security needs.
  5. Copy these files to /home/ec2-user/pem, then move them into the appropriate position in /etc/httpd/ssl on the SignServer node and restart apache with the following commands:
    # cd /home/ec2-user/pem
    # sudo cp * /etc/httpd/ssl/.
    # sudo service httpd restart

  6. Run the following command to allow the EJBCA Superadmin access to SignServer:

    # cd /opt/signserver
    # bin/signserver wsadmins -allowany

  7. Go to the SignServer Administrators tab and click Add.

  8. Click Load Current and add the Roles: Admin, Auditor, and Archive Auditor for the EJBCA SuperAdmin, and then click Add.

  9. On the SignServer Administrators tab, change the Current Setting: Allow any to Only Listed by clicking Switch to "Only Listed".

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