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SignServer Cloud 1.6 Release Notes

PrimeKey is proud to announce the release of SignServer Cloud 1.6.

The main focus of SignServer Cloud 1.6 is to deliver SignServer version 5.4, which introduces Azure Key Vault support. The release also brings tooling improvements.


SignServer Upgrade

SignServer Cloud updates SignServer Enterprise to version 5.4.0 which now has support for Azure Key Vault, see SignServer 5.4 Release Notes. For SignServer reference documentation on the new Crypto Token, see AzureKeyVaultCryptoToken.

For information on configuring SignServer with Azure Key Vault, see the SignServer Cloud Azure Key Vault Integration Guide.

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and other changes included in the release.

SS-CLOUD15 - script misses private key after shut down once the public IP is released.

SS-CLOUD16 - Upgrade SignServer to 5.4.0

SS-CLOUD18 - Add p12 directory to backup and restore scripts so superadmin cert and Apache certs are included.

1.6.1 AWS Update

SS-CLOUD17 - Keys in cloudHSM would get removed under certain conditions.  Updated P11 provider included in SignServer AWS AMI.

SS-CLOUD19 - TimeMonitor configuration was out of date.  New values updated to have a proper configuration in AWS and Azure.

1.6.2 AWS Update

SS-CLOUD20 - SignServer health check returns http 500 error with default configuration. Fixed to work properly when configured.

SS-CLOUD21 - Upon reboot of an AWS instance, the CryptoTokenP11 created for CloudHSM is offline. It will now auto activate.

SS-CLOUD22 - Upgraded SignServer to include new patched version of SignServer (

SS-CLOUD23 - Include additional instance types for SignServer. Memory sets automatically for WildFly. There are now 15 instance types available in AWS.

SS-CLOUD24 - Upgrade SignServer AMI to MariaDB 10.2.32

Upgrade Information

For information on how to upgrade a SignServer Cloud hourly instance node from one version of SignServer to another, see the SignServer Cloud Restore and Upgrade Guide.

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