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SignServer Cloud In Place Upgrade Procedure


This guide will upgrade a single node from Signserver Enterprise version 5.10.0 to Signserver Enterprise 5.11.2. In this example, the Signserver host will have an IP Address of Please change this IP address to be the IP Address that matches the Signserver node being upgraded.

Download the Signserver Cloud or Virtual Appliance Upgrade file from your customer download folder or obtain a copy from support at

  1. Copy the upgrade package to the Signserver node using the following method:
    1. Using the CLI:
      If using a Mac or Linux based computer use the following command to copy the file to the host (Note: If using AWS, ensure you specify the user as ec2-user with your SSH key and in Azure, specify the user provisioned with your instance)

      scp ~/Downloads/ root@
  2. SSH to the Signserver VM and login as root

    ssh root@
  3. Change directory to the /opt directory

    cd /opt
  4. Unzip the upgrade file to the /opt/ directory

    unzip /tmp/
  5. Ensure the file extracted into the /opt/ directory by doing a directory listing

    ls -la
  6. Copy the existing config files to the new Signserver install folder overwriting the default files with the existing files.

    /bin/cp -f signserver/conf/*.properties signserver-ee-5.11.2.Final/conf/
  7. Stop WIldFly

    systemctl stop wildfly
  8. Remove “signserver” symlink

    rm signserver
  9. Ensure it asks you to remove symbolic link!

    rm: remove symbolic link ‘signserver’? 
  10. Create new symbolic link

    ln -s signserver-ee-5.11.2.Final signserver
  11. Ensure the symbolic link points to the new Signserver directory.
  12. Change the ownership of the new Signserver files (ensure the trailing "/" in the command below so the permissions of the directory are changed and not the symlink itself).

    chown -R wildfly:wildfly /opt/signserver/
  13. Change directory to /opt/signerver

    cd /opt/signserver
  14. Deploy Signserver

    ant deploy
  15. Restart WildFly

    systemctl start wildfly
  16. Access the Signserver Admin Web UI and ensure the new version of Signserver is 5.11.2.Final (or the version you are upgrading to.)
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