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Administrators Page


Lists administrator certificates that has been explicitly granted access and specific roles.

Also note the Allow Any Administrator setting which if set to "Allow any" grants the Admin role to any administrator with a valid certificate even if it is not listed. Instead with the value "Only listed", only the administrators listed in the table are allowed.


Adds a new authorization rule.

Fill in the Certificate serial number in hex format and the Issuer DN.

Alternatively use the ... (browse) button to upload a certificate to load it from or use the Load Current button to fill in the values from your administrator certificate.

Select the Roles that should be assigned.

Click the Add button to have the new rule saved.


For an existing authorization rule the corresponding Edit button allows for changing the values.

Make the wanted changes to the Certificate serial number field, Issuer DN field and for the Roles.

Click the Submit button to have the updated rule saved.


For an existing authorization rule the corresponding Remove button allows to remove a rule.

Confirm the removal by clicking the Remove button.

Allow Any Administrator

Before switching to allowing only listed administrator make sure your credentials are listed otherwise you will directly be denied access after the switch.

Switch to 'Only listed'If the current setting is to allow any administrator then clicking this button switched to the other mode.
Switch to 'Allow Any'If the current setting is to only allow listed administrators then clicking this button switched to the other mode.

Peer Systems

Allow incoming connectionsCheck this check box and Click the Save button in order to allow incoming connections from Peer Systems.
SaveSaves the state of the Allow incoming connections check box.

Incoming Connections

Remote identityThe subject DN from the client certificate for the incoming connection.
Remote addressThe IP address of the incoming connection.
Last seenThe date and time the connection was last made.
AuthorizedIf the certificate is in the Peer Systems role.
ClearClick the button to forget the connection.
Modify AuthorizationThe button is visible if there is a rule for the certificate. Clicking the button opens the Edit Authorization page for the rule.
Add Authoriztion...The link is visible if there is not a rule for the certificate. Clicking the link opens the Add Authorization page with the certificate information filled in and the Peers Role selected.
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