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Certificate Validators


Class name: org.signserver.validationservice.server.CRLValidator.


Class name: org.signserver.validationservice.server.OCSPValidator.


Class name: org.signserver.validationservice.server.OCSPCRLValidator.


Class name: org.signserver.validationservice.server.NoRevocationCheckingValidator.

Certificate Validator that validates the certificate chain but does not perform any revocation checking. This can be useful for demonstation purposes or when revocation checking should not be performed.


Class name: org.signserver.validationservice.server.DummyValidator.

Certificate Validator that only works for specific issuers and certificates and is only available for testing and demonstration purposes as no real certificate validation is performed. The keystores under res/test/dss10/ with certificates issued by "DSS Root CA 10" can for instance be used together with this validator.

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