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Fully qualified class name: org.signserver.module.signerstatusreport.SignerStatusReportTimedService.


The SignerStatusReportTimedService is a timed service that outputs status for a set of workers to a file.

The information includes each workers crypto token status ACTIVE/OFFLINE, and if available also the number of signatures that has been performed with the key currently associated with the worker. If the worker has a configured limit of number of signatures, this value is also included.

For information on the preferred way of offering these reports, see the SignerStatusReportWorker. This worker returns the report in the same format as defined for the SignerStatusReportWorker.

Available Properties

WORKERS Comma-separated list of worker names (signers) that should be monitored.
OUTPUTFILE File that the information will be written to. If the file exists the content will be overwritten. The application server needs to have write access to this file when the service is executed.

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